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Plane Misses Runway

A plane lands in a field north of the runway in Rochester. (postbulletin.com) Plus d'info...

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Andrew Stagg 3
Thankful to hear there are no fatalities. It appears the PIC held a Commercial Certificate with Instrument Rating as well as CFI and CFII ratings.

Looking at the METAR for KRST 30 minutes prior to the crash, I can't help but question why he thought he would be able to successfully complete the approach: METAR KRST 022354Z 14012KT 1/4SM R31/1000V1200FT FG VV001 03/02 A2994 (for those unfamiliar, that's a ceiling of 100ft and 1/4 mile visibility). Icing may have also been a possibility.

It's unfortunate that the pilot didn't divert to Mason City, IA only 26 miles away. The METAR was: METAR KMCW 022353Z AUTO 14008KT 10SM CLR 08/03 A2993 (clear skies, light winds, 10 miles visibility).
dave garcia 2
Well first off, Glad that no one was seriously injured and were able to walk away. Now I hope that this young pilot had an instrument ticket. The aircraft was IFR certified and had the necessary equipment for an ILS approach. Now I'm just guessing here but if the aircraft came to rest, north/west of the airport then I would say ILS 31 was in use. 9033ft of runway there for 13/31. Hard to imagine missing that much runway with an aircraft equipped for IFR. I hope for the pilot there was an equipment failure.
Jeff Lawson 1
Flight track for N9853Q -- http://flightaware.com/live/flight/N9853Q/history/20121202/2145Z/KGRB/KRST
btweston 1
They show the picture of the upside down plane... Brilliant.
dave garcia 1
He's gonna have some explaining to do!! Time for the carpet dance.
btweston 1
It always troubles me when otherwise smart people decide to invoke God when reflecting on completely explainable phenomena. Intellectual laziness is destroying our culture.

[This poster has been suspended.]

btweston 1
On what basis do you pull that particular number out of your ass?
Matt Caldwell -1
I love how he said, "I haven't even soloed yet", and yet he was carrying passengers and flying on instruments. Maybe it's a good idea that he not continue his flight training. He'll also be lucky if the passenger's on board don't sue him for everything he's worth.
Matt Caldwell 2
Correction: The pilot wasn't the guy who said all that, apparently it was a passenger on board.
Colin Payette 5
The student seems to be a sensationalist, probably more suited for a media job anyways. "Most don't walk away."
preacher1 1
Well, he may be but that is an experience that you hope you never go thru. Per the story, Fog was super bad, but something had to happen to cause the pilot to be that far off.
Jeff Lawson 1
That comment was from one of the passengers, not from the pilot.
Matt Caldwell 1
Got it, thanks Jeff
tim mitchell -1
could this be a case of him having the OBS set to the wrong heading?
dave garcia 3
Well yeah anything is possible at this point. But the tower I assume would have been vectoring him to the approach and monitoring for either ILS 13 or 31 which at some point he would have picked up the glide slope and followed it down. Interested to see what the findings are. Either way that's a miserable way to end the day.
outisland41 2
OBS setting doesn't matter when tuned to a localizer.

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