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Thank you Mark

Written on 20/08/2017 by Ihsanush Shabri


Written on 20/08/2017 by Michael Flagg

Chris Robey... Wiki says Provideniya is located in the Chukchi Peninsula of Russia and this airport is the closest one in Russia to the United States. The Bering Strait separates this peninsula from the Seward Peninsula of Alaska.

As to "grim", I guess there's little incentive for fancy architectural design in such a remote area of the world.

Written on 20/08/2017 by cliff731

What a classic! Grim would be an understatement. Still working on locating exactly where in Russia is Provideniya...looks like steeply rising terrain in the background to the left.

Written on 19/08/2017 by CHRIS ROBEY

Medical emergency

Written on 19/08/2017 by Andrew1799

I learned to fly in this airplane in 1972 at Michigan City Municipal Airport (which is no longer in existence). Glad to see that the airplane is still out there doing its thing.

Written on 19/08/2017 by Kurt Malerich

Great catch, any idea why it was diverted to Phoenix?

Written on 19/08/2017 by Brett Easton

Thanks Claude! Excellent.

Written on 19/08/2017 by CHRIS ROBEY

Nice shot

Written on 19/08/2017 by usaf12367


Written on 19/08/2017 by jpYAMATO

7FL6 Spruce Creek newly paved runway 6-24 opened today 8/19/17

Written on 19/08/2017 by John Carpenter

I hope they are not chemtrails)
Funny you should ask! What you are seeing is actually Di-Hydrogen Monoxide (DHMO) , the single most prevalent greenhouse gas in our atmosphere. DHMO isn't apparent until temperature, pressure, and density conditions are just right to reflect the incident light. At that time the awful truths about these chem-trails reveal themselves. P.S. Great photo showing vortexes in action!

Written on 19/08/2017 by Dennis Bishop

Awesome shot buddy

Written on 19/08/2017 by sam kuminecz

Fantastic shot Ihsanush!!

Written on 19/08/2017 by Mark Thomas

Great shot James. I like how the flight crew have to get in and out of the plane. No stairs?

Written on 19/08/2017 by Brian Carlin

We proud of Santos Dumont, a special Brazilian man! He changed the world!!!

Written on 19/08/2017 by FLAVIO NOVAES


Written on 19/08/2017 by Andres Bustamante

I had a great photo session with photographer Robb Gesert in 2007 just above Troy airstrip in Missouri. He is one of the best.

Written on 19/08/2017 by Frank Sperandeo

thank you Claudio!!

Written on 19/08/2017 by Uwe Zinke

thank you A.Levent!

Written on 19/08/2017 by Uwe Zinke

Now it is gone.

Written on 19/08/2017 by k l

Thank you Alan, glad you like it.

Written on 19/08/2017 by Dave Sheehy

He as in the airplane with yah paint

Written on 19/08/2017 by usaf12367

He's been to my airport before I think there is one comming today I am going to try to see it

Written on 19/08/2017 by usaf12367

From my understanding aren't all the American Arline's planes that have the old paint scheme going to or from Dallas

Written on 19/08/2017 by usaf12367


Written on 19/08/2017 by usaf12367

There is a guys just strolling away

Written on 19/08/2017 by usaf12367

This is why I try to make my carryons a drawstring bag you can go down slides in thoses and they don't hurt

Written on 19/08/2017 by usaf12367

Reminds me of this movie, if you're an aviation history buff it's worth the watch!

Written on 19/08/2017 by Eric Vickery

Thank you very much for your comment!

Written on 19/08/2017 by Yoshihiro Oshita

Gorgeous light, nice shot Anthony!

Written on 19/08/2017 by Mark Thomas

Good shot!

Written on 19/08/2017 by nycslc1

I do miss the SWA paint schemes.

Written on 19/08/2017 by jenglish01

Yes, August 18-2017

Written on 19/08/2017 by Claude Blais

That is an Excellent artistic photo.

Written on 19/08/2017 by Angel Ruiz

"Ladies and gentlemen pay no attention to whats going on behind the aircraft. We would now like to begin boarding section C of today's flight, for those of you holding a boarding pass with Section C noted in the upper left hand corner of your boarding pass or e-ticket you may now begin boarding."

Written on 19/08/2017 by n9341c

Bad day at MSP back in May 2017.

Written on 18/08/2017 by n9341c

"Ladies and gentlemen for our inflight dinner tonight we are having leftover fish AS YOU CAN PLAINLY SEE ON THE SIDE OF THE FUSELAGE!"

Written on 18/08/2017 by n9341c

Way to go, Dad.

Written on 18/08/2017 by n9341c

In The Twin Cities this would have caused 14 tornado sirens to go off and radio announcements telling everyone to run screaming to their basements.

Written on 18/08/2017 by n9341c

B24s return to Ploesti?

Written on 18/08/2017 by n9341c

BMI=Body Mass Index

Written on 18/08/2017 by n9341c


Written on 18/08/2017 by Paul Schantz


Written on 18/08/2017 by n9341c

So this is what the Brazilian Air Force is flying these days?

Written on 18/08/2017 by n9341c

Was this beautiful shot taken during the 2017 fire season?

Written on 18/08/2017 by CHRIS ROBEY

Looks well taken care of.

Written on 18/08/2017 by Stephen Kotran

C-40 clipper is the us military 737-700C in the photo

Written on 18/08/2017 by sam kuminecz

Great photo, thanks!

Written on 18/08/2017 by Alan Brown


Written on 18/08/2017 by usaf12367

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