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Un avion de Bombardier, le Global 6000, au coeur d'un scandale.

«La banque fédérale Exportation et développement Canada a prêté 41 millions US à l'un des clients de Bombardier pour l'achat de l'avion de luxe Global 6000, en 2015. Le client est la famille Gupta, d'origine indienne, qui brasse des affaires en Afrique du Sud. Or, la famille Gupta est au coeur de l'un des plus gros scandales politico-financiers post-apartheid de l'Afrique du Sud. La semaine dernière, un des membres de la famille Gupta et quatre associés ont été arrêtés et accusés de fraude.» ( Plus d'info...

Boeing to Have 51% Stake in Venture With Embraer: Paper

Boeing Co (BA.N) will have a 51 percent stake in a joint company currently being negotiated with Brazilian aircraft maker Embraer (EMBR3.SA), O Globo newspaper columnist Lauro Jardim reported on Sunday. ( Plus d'info...

Watch: Fire Break Out in Overhead Compartment on China Southern Airlines flight

China Southern Airlines flight to Shanghai delayed three hours by incident believed to have been caused by a portable mobile phone charge..r No injuries were reported and the fire was quickly extinguished but the incident caused a three-hour delay, the airline said in a statement. ( Plus d'info...

US Firm Ocean Infinity Says Hopeful of Getting MH370 Search Contract Soon

Kuala Lumpur. US-based seabed exploration firm Ocean Infinity on Wednesday (03/01) said it was moving a vessel closer to a possible search area for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 as it soon expects to be awarded a contract by Malaysia to resume the search. ( Plus d'info...

Airbus Readies Its Project Vahana Autonomous Air Taxi

The electric air mobility sector is locked in a fascinating duel — Airbus versus Boeing. Each is spending a lot of money and resources to become the undisputed electric aircraft leaders. ( Plus d'info...

S7 Airlines launches flights from St. Petersburg to Croatia

Pula is the oldest Croatian city on the Adriatic coast where you can find one of the largest preserved amphitheatres of the Roman Empire, which is considered to be the city’s main attraction. If you go to Pula, you can also plan a visit to other fascinating Croatian cities in Istria, such as Rovinj, Poreč and Rijeka. Besides, here you can take a ferry to Italian Venice. ( Plus d'info...

Video of a powerbank thermal runaway on airplane in China and successful cool down

A China Southern Airlines Boeing 777-300, registration B-2009 performing flight CZ-3539 from Guangzhou to Shanghai Hongqiao (China), was boarding for departure. A passenger had placed his luggage containing a power bank and other equipment in the overhead locker, when the power bank suffered a thermal runway and a fire developed. ( Plus d'info...

Bring Wings of Grace to Kansas City

Before you down vote this or delete this from these website nor am I making this political in no means but imagine putting yourself in the shoes of a cancer patient to sick to travel by airline. Imagine if this was your son, daughter, mother, father friend whoever. No matter who you are you are still going to want the best care for them and a little time traveling and more time finding out how to beat this. So before your down vote this do me this one favor clink on the link and read the… ( Plus d'info...

Half-naked passenger threatens to batter Ryanair crew before getting booted off plane in Morocco

A RANTING Ryanair passenger was kicked off his flight after he was caught on film ripping off his shirt and threatening to batter the cabin crew. When told to calm down by the hi-vis clad steward, he screamed: ‘How about you calm down c***? Who’s got a problem with me?’ ( Plus d'info...

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