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GE recalls 777X turbofans to address compressor issue amid scramble to minimise 777X delays

GE Aviation is recalling four GE9X powerplants from Boeing to address a previously disclosed engine compressor issue that already forced Boeing to delay the 777X's first flight. (www.flightglobal.com) Plus d'info...

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Public help sought to find fallen Swiss A220 engine parts

French investigators are seeking assistance to locate engine parts which they believe fell from an Airbus A220-300 as it passed over the east of the country last month. (www.flightglobal.com) Plus d'info...

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Lenders mull liquidation of grounded Jet Airways equipment

The revival of grounded Jet Airways seems to be over with the debt-laden airline's strategic partner Etihad Airways reportedly moving out of the resolution plan, said a media report. (www.firstpost.com) Plus d'info...

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Air Force Tests Contraption That Can Turn Any Plane Into a Robot Plane

Scientists say new ROBOpilot completed a two-hour test flight, essentially turning a manned plane into a drone. (www.nextgov.com) Plus d'info...

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Air Force F-16 fighter jet from 1980 for sale in Florida

You don't see this every day. Palm Beach, Fla.-based Jet Lease has listed a 1980 F-16 A/B Fighting Falcon for sale — and the rare offer made waves online. The 1980 multirole fighter jet, which has an $8.5 million price tag, is being offered alongside two other F-16 Vipers, according to The Drive, an automotive website that also writes about defense topics. This is not your average “used” fighter jet — the plane is a fully functioning combat aircraft and not demilitarized. (www.foxnews.com) Plus d'info...

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The dream of flying taxis may not be too far off

"Mark my words. A combination of airplane and motorcar is coming. You may smile. But it will come," Henry Ford quipped in 1940. Our dreams of cars capable of taking flight at the whim of their driver have been around nearly as long as we've had cars themselves, or at least as long as we've endured heavy commute traffic. Yet the prospect of actual, commercially available flying automobiles has always seemed to remain just out of reach, only a few years from viability. But even… (www.engadget.com) Plus d'info...

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Southwest Drops 20 Nonstop Routes To Accommodate For 737 MAX Absence

Southwest Airlines will be axing 20 nonstop routes from its network to re-shuffle its fleet and accommodate it on higher-demand destinations. Starting January 2020, Southwest Airlines will exclude from its schedule what they call "weaker-than-expected" nonstop services. The airline notes that the aircraft that were stationed to operate these nonstop services will be placed elsewhere, including its new flights from California to Hawaii. (airwaysmag.com) Plus d'info...

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FlySafair plane makes emergency landing after cabin pressure malfunction

A FlySafair flight headed from Cape Town to Durban had to make an emergency landing minutes after take off. According to Kirby Gordon, Head of Sales and Distribution at FlySafair the FA 461 departed at 20:01 pm from Cape Town International. "During the climb the cabin crew were alerted to an issue regarding the cabin pressurisation systems and decided to turn back to Cape Town and implement the required safety procedures. (www.iol.co.za) Plus d'info...

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