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Boeing orders 737 Max inspections after fuel tank FOD is found in several Undelievered Planes

Boeing has ordered the inspection of all undelivered 737 Maxes, after it found debris in the wing fuel tanks of some of the grounded narrowbodies. The airframer states that it has also recommended 737 Max customers globally with aircraft in active storage for more than a year to inspect the fuel tank for foreign object debris (FOD). (www.flightglobal.com) Plus d'info...

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GoJet Airlines Expands CRJ-550 Program with United Airlines, Adds 20 More Aircraft

GoJet Airlines today announced it is expanding its fleet of Bombardier CRJ-550 aircraft with the addition of 20 new aircraft. The announcement follows GoJet's 10-year agreement to operate 54 CRJ-550 aircraft for United Airlines and will bring GoJet's total CRJ-550 fleet count to 74 by 2021. The CRJ-550 is the world's only two-cabin 50-seat regional aircraft designed for business and leisure travelers who want true-first-class seating, Wi-Fi, more leg room and enough space for… (www.prnewswire.com) Plus d'info...

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General Electric Turns to Airbus Because of Boeing's Mess

GE, Stung by Boeing Pullback, Pitches for New Business With Airbus (www.thestreet.com) Plus d'info...

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SWISS International Air Lines Takes Delivery Of Its First Airbus A320neo

SWISS International Air Lines takes delivery of its first Airbus A320neo in a ceremony at Zurich Airport. This the is the first of 25 A320neo Family aircraft ordered by SWISS International Air Lines. (news.flightag.com) Plus d'info...

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Boeing heads to court amid fight over release of 737 MAX documents

Boeing Co (BA.N) heads to court on Wednesday to dispute a request from lawyers representing victims of a 737 MAX crash for documents related to the aircraft’s design, development and two fatal disasters. (reut.rs) Plus d'info...

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Air Canada A319 Loses Wheel On Take-Off, Makes Safe Landing In Toronto

Air Canada flight AC715 lost one of its wheels after departing LaGuardia, New York. (www.gatechecked.com) Plus d'info...

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Something else to experience while flyin' through a hurricane!

It's really cool, cause the sparks are on the outside. But, you only get to see it in grungy weather! (www.accuweather.com) Plus d'info...

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Victoria light plane crash kills 4 at Mangalore, as planes collide mid-air

Australia’s first mid-air crash in more than a decade claimed four lives yesterday when two light planes on training flights collided high above central Victoria, tumbling in front of bewildered eyewitnesses. Emergency services staff found wreckage from both planes in separate locations on the ground near Seymour, about 120km north of Melbourne, with the victims trapped after the twin death spirals. (www.theaustralian.com.au) Plus d'info...

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Brazil: Regional Aviation will arrive in Lucas do Rio Verde and Nova Mutum, the sector foresees 50% growth in 2020

brazil: In recent years, the company has intensified its activities in the Mato Grosso region to meet the growing demand from agribusiness passengers, which increased by 79% between 2018 and 2019... (cmsherbert.blogspot.com) Plus d'info...

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Hong Kong International Airport passenger traffic down by two-thirds

Midfield concourse was home to ailing Hong Kong Airlines, which slashed 170 jobs earlier this week Futuristic rectangular building opened in 2015 at a cost of HK$10 billion now being used to house parked jets (www.scmp.com) Plus d'info...

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