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Airbus Pitches Higher-Weight A330neo at Transpacific Sector
Airbus is expecting that a planned higher-weight version of the A330neo will provide a 650nm range hike compared with the current 242t variant. (Plus d'info)
GE Completes Tests On GEnx-2B Upgrades For Boeing 747-8
GE Aviation plans to start delivering a durability upgrade in mid-2018 for the engines powering the Boeing 747-8, the engine maker confirms to FlightGlobal. (Plus d'info)
Austrian Airlines Cancels 150 Flights During Union Negotiations
Lufthansa subsidiary Austrian Airlines canceled 150 out of 380 flights, or 40%, on March 22 for continued union negotiations, affecting more than 12,000 passengers. (Plus d'info)
FedEx Sees $1.5 Billion Benefit From US Tax Reform
FedEx Corp. posted an unadjusted $2.1 billion net profit for its fiscal 2018 third quarter, as the Memphis-based package delivery company saw a $1.53 billion benefit following (Plus d'info)
Flights canceled in Northeast U.S. due to early spring snowstorm
The calendar currently says spring has arrived, but cargo handlers across the Northeast United States may not be too sure. More than 4,100 flights were canceled today in the No (Plus d'info)
Boeing delivers the first 737 MAX 9 to Lion Air Group
Renton - Boeing delivered the first ever 737 MAX 9 to Lion Air Group on Wednesday, March 21st. The aircraft will be operated by Thai Lion Air, the Thai subsidiary of the Indone (Plus d'info)

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