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Mechanic says he was fired for refusing to sign off on faulty jet

Bosses at charter-jet service Pro Pilots LLC didn’t want to hear mechanic Dennis Portalatin’s concerns about the nine-seat Dassault Falcon 20, which had eight “discrepancies,” including a leak in a wing and the fuselage, he charges in New Jersey federal court. ( Plus d'info...

"Pop-Up Hold" Idea Wins the Airbus 2017 Fly Your Ideas Contest

A team of inventors from the University of Hong Kong has won the Airbus 2017 Fly Your Ideas contest with a new and revolutionary idea for cabin-accessible storage for passengers. ( Plus d'info...

Air Force One damages blamed on Boeing mechanics

Boeing reimbursed the US government $4 million after three company mechanics damaged the oxygen system for a VC-25A, a modified VIP 747-200 also known as Air Force One, the US Air Force says in a new accident investigation report. ( Plus d'info...

JetBlue paints Airbus A320 in colors of New York City police

JetBlue rolled out its newest special paint scheme Monday, unveiling a livery honoring the New York City Police Department. The Airbus A320 will begin flying through JetBlue’s 101-city network after Monday’s unveiling at New York’s JFK Airport, the carrier’s busiest base. ( Plus d'info...

Emirates Opens Up a Slew of New A380 Routes – Beijing, Shanghai and Birmingham Get Upgraded

Good news Birmingham, Beijing and Shanghai – you’re about to enjoy the Emirates’ flagship aircraft on all services to and from Dubai. That’s what we found out Monday when the Dubai-based airline announced the three destinations would go all A380 – replacing the current Boeing 777-300 aircraft used on these services. ( Plus d'info...

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