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Norwegian changes cockpit procedures

Norwegian has decided to change its cockpit procedures so that two crew members always are present in the cockpit. ( Plus d'info...

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Alec Cohen 2
I like it! I like the security it keeps and if a pilot does have that mental issue or wish to commit suicide theres someone in there who can restrain the pilot and have 2 pilots fly the aircraft still.
ADXbear 1
This is good news... but the mental and background checks need to be revisited as well as the FFDO programs to avoid other similar type of events. I think a air Marshal should be allowed to go on the Fight deck in cases where a pilot needs to leave, as a small female flight attendant could easily be over come by a sick pilot.. just saying..
Jamar Jackson 1
Airlines are reactive instead of proactive
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Airlines Across the Globe Move to Require Two Crew Members at All Times Following Germanwings Crash

In the wake of Tuesday’s crash of a Germanwings Airbus A320 aircraft that is believed to have been caused by the co-pilot after he locked the captain out of the cockpit, killing 149 other passengers and crew members, numerous airlines and regulatory agencies announced plans to implement a protocol requiring two crew members to be in the cockpit at all times has come under scrutiny...

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