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Boeing rejects business case for 757 re-engining

Boeing vice-president Randy Tinseth says the company has studied reviving and re-engining the 757 “a couple” of times, but concluded that the economics do not make sense. “We’re not studying 757 re-engined replacements right now. It just doesn’t work,” says Tinseth, addressing the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance (PNAA) conference in Seattle. ( Plus d'info...

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Dubslow 5
I'm beginning to think they shouldn't have bowed to the pressure to re-engine the 737, and instead go with a clean sheet design that stretches from the 737-800 -> 757-200 role, instead of re-engining and sticking to the old role of -700 -> -900.
Jackson Franco 1
I can always spot a 757 waaaaay up there in the sky due to its shape - it kind of lifts its chest up as it glides. Graceful, yes.
canuck44 1
So there are about 750 still flying and undoubtedly many parked in various deserts. One wonders whether there would be a role for a non-Boeing company to re-engine and upgrade the cockpit much like companies that convert freighters. Compared to a new design and high capital costs that would have to be passed to customers, improved fuel economy even on shorter range flights may make it worthwhile when the fuel prices go up again.
preacher1 2
Well, we had ours for about 26 years. Never did re-engine but cockpit was upgraded several times and interior gone through. All that was done at a mod center in Dallas, but in relation to the scheme of things, it was like having a new aircraft for peanuts. With as many that are still hanging round and as you say, parked in a desert somewhere, somebody is missing the boat.
I always loved flying (in the back) of the 757, and it is a very graceful aircraft unlike the 767 and A380. 777 looks right for the job too.

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