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World's largest hydrogen-electric aircraft completes 10-minute flight

ZeroAvia flew the world’s largest hydrogen-electric aircraft today in a step forward for sustainable aviation. The 19-seat, twin-engine Dornier 228 plane, fitted with a prototype hydrogen-electric powertrain, completed a 10-minute flight from Cotswold Airport in the UK. It was part of the HyFlyer II project, a government-funded R&D program working to make small passenger planes better for the environment. ( More...

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bentwing60 0
Until batteries become consumable, sorta like 100LL or JetA, the hoax goes on!
Torsten Hoff 1
The ZeroAvia doesn't combust the hydrogen and instead uses it to generate electricity -- that process is exceptionally efficient, far more so than burning fuel in a piston engine or turbine where much of the energy becomes waste heat.

For comparison, the Honda Clarity which also uses hydrogen-electric drivetrain has a 33 liter / 8.7 gallon hydrogen fuel cell and a range of 579 kilometers / 360 miles.

There are obviously some technical challenges in putting such a propulsion system into an aircraft, but unlike current battery technology, hydrogen-electric systems should have plenty of range and short refueling times.
bentwing60 0
To further elucidate'
C172Rpilot 0
This is a much better approach then ripping the earth apart, destroying rain forests to remove precious metals and elements just to make a battery...
Larry Toler -1
Good point. The minerals used to power batteries should also be considered as a fossil fuel. Either way, no matter what we do we're going to screw up the environment despite so called good intentions.
Also as a side, these people driving Teslas do not live in Africa or China, but they're saving the environment here in the "real world".
Roy Hunte 0
Ok, now 1hr, then 2hr, then 3 & so on! Let's get moving!
Larry Toler 5
This is getting interesting. However I don't want to see this rushed into service just to keep the environmental lobbiests happy. This seems a bit more feasible than an all electric aircraft for the moment.
Roy Hunte 1
Fair point
linbb -1
And now the other shoe falls, in search of more financing we will shortly have an IPO


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