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Jan 6th 2023 - United Boeing 767-300ER Experiences Total Failure Of Navigation Equipment

On January 6th, a United Airlines Boeing 767-300ER flying from Newark to London reported that it had lost its navigation capabilities after climbing to 17,000 feet. The crew was forced to declare an emergency, dump fuel, and return to the origin airport. ( More...

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John Kiger 5
Listening to the ATC tapes the crew reported loss of all navigation. Between then and landing they ran checklists and I’m sure talking to maintenance. I thought it interesting they accepted the ILS back. Possible that’s all they had or was able to reset. In my opinion the writer knows exactly what they are saying.
Sorak 1
I'm not a pilot and if I had been a passenger on that flight I would want to know that the pilots would not want to risk any additional failures out over the ocean and properly return as an emergency flight back to the airport. A translatic flight is not the place to be playing around with if it's an emergency or not.
Bayouflier -2
Naming this incident a "Total Failure" tells you the writer knows little about aviation. They probably still had multiple sources of navigation, (VOR, ILS....). In fact, he states that they landed with the ILS 22L. I'm not even sure that declaring an emergency was warranted. They were never out of radar contact. Just another much to do about nothing story.
wayne holder 3
I ILS approach is navigation
bentwing60 1
Ditto, and I bet they got a RAIM alert or database fail alert and couldn't clear it and boom, no NA Tracks. Oh, the horror, a GPS fail enroute and in radar contact!

It' a GPS dependent world and the MIC holds the big stick keys.
pjshield 3
The US Government decommissioned all the VOR facilities that were in fixed positions across the Atlantic leading directly to LHR! So once out of sight of land, they couldn't get anywhere else from where they were. That's a conumdrum for ya!
btweston 2
Actually this is a story about a plane full of people that was unable to navigate to its destination. No one forced you to read it.

But thank you for taking the time to complain about an aviation related news story posted to an aviation related website. Your cutting insight will be remembered for eternity.


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