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Spirit Unveils New, Comfier Seating Design

US-based low-cost carrier Spirit Airlines will be implementing two new seat designs onboard all of its new aircraft - they are set to be rolled out in 2023, including the addition of high-speed WiFi. ( More...

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Cleffer 2
I'll shut off my adblocker when sites stop destroying my browsing experience with ads.
Derek Vaughn 1
Comfortable seats. When is the Spirit of Jetblue merger supposed to be finalized?
Peter Fuller 1
Federal anti-trust review and approval is needed before jetBlue acquisition of Spirit can be finalized. Whether or not the jetBlue-American Northeast Alliance will be allowed to continue will factor into this. This will likely take at least a year. If the merger is approved, quite a bit more time will be needed to retrofit Spirit cabins to jetBlue standard.

Hurry up and wait.
k1121j 1
guessing the armrest is not 1/2 inch wide how comfortable sooo 1/4 in per person
k1121j 1
guessing the armrest is now 1/2 inch wide how comfortable sooo 1/4 in per person
Bayouflier 1
Lipstick on a pig. If seat pitch remains the same, the rest is just smoke and mirrors. And if you're adding four inches of seat width per row, that distance has to come at the expense of the aisle which is narrow to begin with.


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