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United Goes Big And Bold With Seven Changes To The Airline

United Airlines is going big and bold with seven new changes to the airline. The carrier is promoting seven areas of focus for the “new United.” The changes are designed to transform the airline for a post-crisis world, which will be in 2023 or beyond. ( Plus d'info...

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jeff slack 10
Just bring back the level of service and professionalism experienced when it was Continental.
jmilleratp 1
I would tell Delta to do the same, before they absorbed Northwest. Delta used to be a great airline to travel on!
stratofan 5
I agree that the level of service has declined over the past several years, however I have observed a notable number of customers throwing an infantile response when a snafu occurs. I have been "flight interrupted" more than once, and never acted like a 2 year old that did not get their cookie. Gate and ticket agents are harried enough as it is. Don't forget courtesy is a two-way street. Work with them and you will be pleasantly surprised at the final result.
Tim Dyck 5
No longer beating passengers unconscious and dragging them from a plane because they overbooked would be a good start to improving the customer experience. Overbooking should never have become a policy in the first place, the customer buys a ticket then expects a seat not to be told to deplane and change their plans.
customer service and courtesy should be the first line of defense if ual wants to change..when it was continental the personnel and the service was considerably better..with the covd issue,in rder to bring back passengers,that should be a big last encounter with ual was united express,and the service was bad,the agent who did NOT assist me at the counter was VERY rude,and the flight attendant onboard was more concerned with stiting in the jumpseat..this is not coming from a "grumpy" passenger,as i have always been polite and courteous..if they can change that attitude,they will go far in bringing back people to fly ual...
stratofan 0
Another reason I have not flown on United the last several years, ( I used to fly them exclusively) is that they are 15-20% higher on fares as opposed to other airlines to the same destination.
jmilleratp 0
Make your planes pleasant to travel on. There you go.

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