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Boeing Banks on China for Long-Term Aviation Growth

Boeing sees China staging a robust economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic and becoming the main driver in aviation growth worldwide over the next two decades and leading to sales worth trillions of dollars. Boeing, in a long-term forecast released Thursday, said that it sees China as the key driver of demand for airplanes over the next 20 years, with Chinese airlines likely to buy 8,600 new airplanes worth $1.4 trillion as economic growth drives demand for moving an expanding middle class… ( Plus d'info...

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iffmode4 4
The majority of (Boeing) B-52s shot down during the Viet Nam war were shot down by communist Chinese/Russian SAM missiles. This fact seems to be lost on Boeing executives.The CCP wants the technology these aircraft will provide.They could care less about commercial applications. Boeing needs to be more concerned about US security interests and less about the Chinese communists transportation needs.
Vaughn Blue Jr 3
It wouldn't surprise me if Boeing sells the business to China.
Roy Hunte 1
They better be careful.....
sarafinc 1
Don't worry...The CCP will get the technology they need....we got enough of the right people in Washington to give away our secrets...they don't even have to be bribed...
jmilleratp 1
I wouldn't be surprised if Boeing moves their production to China. They love low-cost labor.

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