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Why Interjet Is Paying For Aircraft It No Longer Operates

The 2012 purchase of 22 Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ100) constrains the Mexican carrier Interjet even today. As of January 2020, only four of these aircrafts are used commercially but the airline still pays for all of them. ( Plus d'info...

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sharon bias 2
This article sentence explains everything. "Interjet is in debt with the Russians"
SkyVoice 2
Part of me still wants to fly on one of these Sukhoi SSJs just so I can say that I've done that, but what a mess! Not only that, but Interjet / Volaris can't expect Etihad or Qatar to bail them out, now can they?
Robert Cowling 2
I wondered what a Falcon 100 would be like. I finally got to ride in one, and couldn't wait for it to be over. It was worse than a CRJ. Yikes...

But my first Airbus ride was great. I had been 'prepped' for 'how bad it was going to be' by a bunch of old(er) airline pilots. I had no problems, and actually thought the ride was better. Yeah, they almost lost their heads...

tim mitchell 1
I prefer the A319 family over the 737 family..I think the 737 is great legacy airplane but the landings are often firm.

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