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Lufthansa suspends Caracas flights as Venezuelan economy struggles

International airlines have for years struggled to repatriate billions of dollars in revenue held in the local bolivar currency due to exchange controls, prompting many to limit service and require that passengers pay fares in dollars. ( Plus d'info...

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canuck44 4
The only real wonder here is why they and the US Big Three have hung on this long. There is bound to be some type of revolution there soon and there is little chance they will every get their money out. Delta may get paid in oil for its refinery but they have little leverage.
Suresh Mukhi 1
I don't understand how an oil exporting country could be in such an economic mess. It must be all the corruption. So sad.
n9341c -1
Hello US? Are any Bernie Sanders fans paying attention? Hello?
paul gilpin 3
hello? bernie sanders fans don't pay attention.
to anything.
now give me my free shiet.
HowSwedeitis 1
Are there any major airlines flying to Scandinavia?
Ric Wernicke -2
LH is owed more than $100 million for service rendered to Venezuelans. What the heck? Is Bernie Sanders running the country?

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