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Anything wearing a Swastika that ends up in a ditch, is just fine with me.

Written on 16/10/2021 by Chris Croft

Photo looks orientated wrong.

Written on 16/10/2021 by James Wisely


Written on 16/10/2021 by Chris Croft

McNamara's Folly.

Written on 16/10/2021 by Chris Croft

Dave, forgive me. I'm still looking for bucked rivets!!

Written on 16/10/2021 by adelma

Back in 1961ish, while in the US Naval Air Force and only still
in my late teens, I was given a chance to join a crew to fly on board a Naval DC-6 from NAS Floyd Bennet Field in Brooklyn to Biggs Airforce Base, El Paso Tx. During the flight, and after the captain learned I got my Private Pilots license a few years before joining the Navy, I was asked if I’d like to sit right seat for a while! Needles to say it was an amazing experience. Up to that time, I only piloted assorted high wing, 2 seaters!
It wasn’t long before I was given a chance to grab the yoke!!!
What I remember most, now 50+ years later, was flying a DC-6 couldn’t have been different from driving an Elephant! I had never flown anything where I couldn’t even see the wing… or had to wait for a responce from the controls!!!

Written on 16/10/2021 by Andrew Botwick


Written on 16/10/2021 by masonite

agree; the Raven was an ECM a/c and had the equipment atop the vertical stabilizer -- plain as day

Written on 16/10/2021 by a mentor

would agree with you @Michael; the Widgeon is quite smaller

Written on 16/10/2021 by a mentor

I worked on these back in the 60’s for Delta, use to taxi and warm the engines up before first flight of the day each morning on our layover. Easy to start, very smooth running 3350’s.

Written on 16/10/2021 by John Saulsbury

A Great job, and nice picture. On leaning out for cruise on a WC we used 10 percent lean, a lot of noise on TO

Written on 16/10/2021 by Peter Sayers

Thanks, Diana! It's an older livery for them if I'm not mistaken, but it sure pops.

Written on 16/10/2021 by Jason Reina

When nothing was integrated and good preplanning and mental arithmetic was needed to keep you 200 miles ahead of the a/c.

Written on 16/10/2021 by CHRIS ROBEY

thank you David!

Written on 16/10/2021 by Uwe Zinke

Dual suction venturies mounted starboard side. Sans engine driven vac pump. Nice shot of a real classic at KFFZ.

Written on 16/10/2021 by CHRIS ROBEY

I started walking out to the wing tip one day and the slope was getting more down, uncomfortable feeling, went back to the centre. The Abbotsford Flying Club got an all access private tour one day. We went for a picnic later and the plane headed straight for the beach we were at. They spun the aircraft around to cool us down. Fun times.

Written on 15/10/2021 by Dave Jones

Now THAT is a real airplane!

Written on 15/10/2021 by Jim Smith

747 at YYC?

Written on 15/10/2021 by AlbertaGopher

Great Shot! Thanx!

Written on 15/10/2021 by Diana Rose


Written on 15/10/2021 by Diana Rose

@Diana, Serge, David, Bill - thanks so much!
@Ken - I'm honored to hear that, I appreciate it!
@Michael - that must have been quite an experience. It never fails to amaze me how these giants can curve through the skies so gracefully and smoothly.

Written on 15/10/2021 by The Martin Alliance

A very hard-working bird bedded down for the night in Saint-Hubert. She has certainly
earned her rest!
Oh - nice sunset, too! ;)

And I'm not going to even PRETEND to pronounce "Kuujjuaq" or "Tasiujaq", much less
"Kangiqsualujjuaq". ;)

Written on 15/10/2021 by David Seider

Well, there IS a lot of plastic in there!

Written on 15/10/2021 by David Seider

@Michael Wulfsohn
I'm glad that I am not the only one! That is what I saw when I first brought up the pic! ;)

Written on 15/10/2021 by David Seider

Team McChord!

Written on 15/10/2021 by Bob Harrington

It's been a very long time since we've seen a Hawaiian fleetbird here. This one is a charter. Hopefully, within the next year, we will see regularly scheduled HAL service launched here.

Written on 15/10/2021 by Gary Schenauer

Well snapped, Uwe!

Written on 15/10/2021 by David Seider


Written on 15/10/2021 by Derek Marshall

Andrej, good observation. Might be piloted by someone other than the guy that has to pay for the overhaul.

Written on 15/10/2021 by DonFuller312

This has been on the ground for over 2 years? Why?

Written on 15/10/2021 by Stephen Evans

I can almost see the long barrels sticking out from behind the trees - and missing!
Nice shot.

Written on 15/10/2021 by Ken Lane

Only in Canada !

Written on 15/10/2021 by ROLAND BALCH

Looking at all 3 photos, that landing gear does not look like it is very heavy duty. Nice looking kit build, perhaps a bit heavier struts?

Written on 15/10/2021 by John Yarno


Written on 15/10/2021 by John Yarno

Looks much more like a G-111 Grumman Albatros.

Written on 15/10/2021 by Michael Carden

I had a great time working with NWA at EHAM and KDTW back in 1997.
Still in touch with some of the people I worked with back then!

Written on 15/10/2021 by Ron Bauer

Worked on the A model at Mtn. Home AFB, Id. Miss those days.

Written on 15/10/2021 by Jester

Beautiful. Do we know if Delta is going to fly the airplane to airshows, etc?

Written on 15/10/2021 by Michael Carden

If it was an EF-111 it would have had the characteristic "football" on top of the tail that contained the receivers which were part of the ALQ-99 ECM system it shared with the US Navy EA-6B Prowler.

Written on 15/10/2021 by Alan Schaffter

Linda foto Mr. Phillips!! Beautiful shot Mr. Phillips!!

Written on 15/10/2021 by Marcelo Back


Written on 15/10/2021 by Bill Folger

NWA had a bad reputation for negotiating unfairly. While that may be so, they treated me very well when I had an extended sick leave. I also wish they were still around. And the contracts I flew under worked well for me and my family.

Written on 15/10/2021 by Griff Griffin

It's great to see The Queen needed in the cargo sector.

Written on 15/10/2021 by user3956

This isn't The Queen's first rodeo!

Written on 15/10/2021 by user3956

Even The Queen's feet look good!

Written on 15/10/2021 by user3956

Many years ago I worked on the F111 systems

Written on 15/10/2021 by Peter Fottler

The Queen getting it done!

Written on 15/10/2021 by user3956

Long live The Queen!

Written on 15/10/2021 by user3956

Now that is a nice shot

Written on 15/10/2021 by user3956

would like to se more

Written on 15/10/2021 by Jaime Terrassa

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