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Nice photo. Exceptionally uninspired paint job.

Written on 24/11/2020 by Paul Wisgerhof

Cool pic!

Written on 24/11/2020 by Michael Fuller

Nice shot!

Written on 24/11/2020 by wavebuff

Thanks Bro

Written on 24/11/2020 by Beeks Wilson

Happy Thanksgiving to you as well my friend!

Written on 24/11/2020 by Darryl Sarno

Fredy for sele

Written on 24/11/2020 by eladio de la cruz


Made Delta proud on that one! * * * * *

Written on 24/11/2020 by warmwynds

@ Donald thank you!

Written on 24/11/2020 by daniel jef

This is an image of the de Havilland DH-114-2E Heron. c/n 14071 fitted with Lycoming engines. It was a former holder of the registration VH-CLT not the current holder which is a Rockwell Turbo Commander.

Written on 24/11/2020 by Joseph McCowage


Written on 24/11/2020 by donald moore

So it has a wolf on the tail. And the name "Virginia" on the nose. Do they name tails after animals, and noses after states? Or is this just a pun involving the author Virginia Woolf? Not the author of "Fear of Flying," but maybe some connection there.

Written on 23/11/2020 by Bob Kamman

Thanks Darryl. Happiest Thanksgiving to you my old pal. Peace !!

Written on 23/11/2020 by John Marotta

Nice grab John and thank you for sharing that history! Nice to see a DC10 at Logan again.

Written on 23/11/2020 by Darryl Sarno

Well done..

Written on 23/11/2020 by Jeroen Stroes

Type is a MD-500 variant

Written on 23/11/2020 by mvwflyer

Great shot love the color reflections.

Written on 23/11/2020 by dfuller

Is this spot good?

Written on 23/11/2020 by Luke Ayers


Written on 23/11/2020 by hal pushpak

Wow! Why is the moon so big?

Written on 23/11/2020 by Sydney Morris

Mr Fuller - Very good shot of this aircraft! Would it be possible to get a non watermarked copy of it from you? Do you have others of this aircraft that may be clearer? Forgive me, but I can't seem to locate contact info for you in flightaware... Email me at jason at lcrft dot com. Thanks!

Written on 23/11/2020 by Jason Apol

MD500N helicopter. Perhaps it will land atop the bus. Registration N910PG previously used by Cirrus.

Written on 23/11/2020 by Peter Fuller

@Peter West- this photo was taken with a Nikon D850 and Tamron 150-600mm G2 with a 6fps burst shot off a Manfrotto monopod.

Written on 23/11/2020 by Ken Licwinko

Beautiful Scenery Grab!

Written on 23/11/2020 by Diana Rose

Very cool, indeed!

Written on 23/11/2020 by Diana Rose

Very cool!

Written on 23/11/2020 by Tom Heaverlo

*****5 stars!

Written on 23/11/2020 by Diana Rose

He didnt leave much runway to waste!

Written on 23/11/2020 by Ryan Hodges

The three-holer has always been my favorite aircraft even though most of my time is in helicopters. Three cheers!

Written on 23/11/2020 by Donna Yost

Great shot Ken! Guess this was taken in hi-speed continuous shooting mode, what gear did you use?

Written on 23/11/2020 by Peter West


A small correction as I think you meant a C25C or CJ4 would do to ID the aircraft.
Nice Gulfstream posted with it. What was your location for those two pics?

Written on 23/11/2020 by warmwynds

What’s the story with this? No windows or just painted over?

Written on 23/11/2020 by Alex Parker

Beautiful shot!

Written on 23/11/2020 by dysck2000

Why am I upside down?

Written on 22/11/2020 by Eduardo Gallegos

loved watchen them at dayton airshow

Written on 22/11/2020 by donald moore

nice ant seen none of them up here at cvg for awhile

Written on 22/11/2020 by donald moore

It's not worth all this agrivation guys .... It's just 2 Airbus aircraft

Written on 22/11/2020 by FIREHOUSE25

Amazing..!!!! Very nice..

Written on 22/11/2020 by Luis Fernando Duque Santiago

what date was this taken please? Can you put dates in the description ?

Written on 22/11/2020 by RobK

Congrats, nice shoot

Written on 22/11/2020 by Paul Lehmann

The last time lighting the burners. Retirement flight of #5 on it's way in to be a part of the Hickory Aviation Museum.

Written on 22/11/2020 by Daren Price

Great airplane!

Written on 22/11/2020 by JIDE OLUSANYA

Nice shot!

Written on 22/11/2020 by wavebuff

This a 2018 Jerry M TaYlor Experimantal JA30 Superstol

Written on 22/11/2020 by andré belleau

Nice bro all angles go!!

Written on 22/11/2020 by daniel jef

@ Andre yea they are slowly coming back to the beach!

Written on 22/11/2020 by daniel jef

18,300 pounds Max Gross of Lear 35 parked up at high elevation KABQ. Very nice!

Written on 22/11/2020 by CHRIS ROBEY

Thank you chalet

Written on 21/11/2020 by Tanner Matheny

Thank you

Written on 21/11/2020 by Gerald Nielsen

I took this photo a few months ago. N42970 has been brought back to life after many years of neglect and unfriendly weather elements. By the way, she flies like a rocketship and is incredibly stable in the sky.

Written on 21/11/2020 by mike safier

Caught it here as it left for Minden (Douglas County - KMEV) and saw it again when it returned 3 and a half hours later. Very clean, sharp-looking RV-7.

Written on 21/11/2020 by Gary Schenauer

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