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I was a tail-gunner in those days.... 1973

Written on 24/05/2020 by Stuart Sibitzky

I'll bet that FJ-4B Fury needed a 10,000 ft. runway with full fuel, a bomb in the rack and an ISA day! At sea level! So they did it with a steam cat off a boat. nice picture Cheers.

Written on 24/05/2020 by bentwing60

Photo taken at O'Hare Airport Southwest Cargo Ramp

Written on 24/05/2020 by volvo245dl


Written on 24/05/2020 by Fabian Dirscherl

I was so disappointed to not see it in the air when I was in SEA the last time. I saw it parked at Boeing Field. Watching it take off I'm sure is a treat.

Written on 24/05/2020 by Robert Cowling

Another 707. Awesome!

Written on 24/05/2020 by Robert Cowling

Someone asked me if jetBlue was going to go out of business. They said they heard that one US carrier was on the ropes, and about to go out of business. I hope none of them do, but wondered, anyone know the possibility? Damn...

Love it! 'Bright lights, blue city'! Parked since March.

Written on 24/05/2020 by Robert Cowling

Yes, the engines. They were more brute force than today's engines. Low bypass, and that explains the noise. I remember when boat motors went to 'through prop exhaust'. It did drop their noise down incredibly.

Awesome shot of a plane model that was a game changer in so many ways. 5*!

Written on 24/05/2020 by Robert Cowling

@ Robert Cowling Thanks much thats a very long history right there!!!

Written on 24/05/2020 by daniel jef

I’m sure it’s a wrap but I don’t know

Written on 24/05/2020 by Mason Beitz

Thanks Gavin

Written on 24/05/2020 by Mason Beitz

awesome capture!

Written on 24/05/2020 by trembo A

There was one additional factor that made this photo possible. The thinner air at RNO usually means that departing commercial aircraft must make longer takeoff rolls in order to rotate and get airborne, so even though this FFT was nowhere near as heavy as it normally would have been, it still would have had to stay on the runway to get up to Vr speed. However, the wind was blowing so intensely directly toward aircraft departing on the 34s that this Frontier obtained added lift so as soon as it came off 34L it climbed very rapidly and from my location the snow-capped mountains came into view behind it.

Written on 24/05/2020 by Gary Schenauer

Maybe a triple deck! 1000 psgrs!

Written on 24/05/2020 by Michael Wulfsohn

Wow, what a beautiful, classic pic, Nigel! Thanks for sharing! I agree with Mark, but I think its the coolest, sleekest commercial bird ever, Boeing or any other manufacturer. In the 80s I worked for a major airline, and flew on 727-200s and MD-80s (and 737-300s) all the time. The Mad Dogs were sweet and smooth, but the 727s were that baddest. Sleek, smooth, powerful, and very nimble. I heard a story when at the airline, that a pilot took out a 727 for a test flight after some minor repairs, and did a barrel roll with it at about 15-20,000 feet (besides cockpit crew, there were no other psgrs). The barrel roll was perfect, but all the lavatory toilet fluid spilled out of the toilets into the cabin. The plane stayed, he got fired. I always wished I could've experienced a ride in a 727-100. Not many. I'm curious from pilots here, if the 100 was more of a "hot rod" plane than the 200,with more thrust to weight ratio?

Written on 24/05/2020 by Michael Wulfsohn

'May I join you for coffee and cake?'

Written on 24/05/2020 by BigAlOutWest

That is a cool pic, but I have to agree that the scenery doesn't look like Everett and you probably wouldn't take delivery of a single aisle plane there either.

Written on 24/05/2020 by Bob Plested

"Low fly by". You're not kidding! Terrific shot!

Written on 24/05/2020 by frank theriault

Wow. Just wow.

Written on 24/05/2020 by frank theriault

When you're talking about an air ambulance.... fast & dependable wins out over sexy any day.....

Written on 24/05/2020 by Joe Laureano

Unimaginable how many jobs those idled aircraft represent..... :>(

Written on 24/05/2020 by John Gerty

I heard people talking about how close Australia was to New Zealand, until I got there. It's not close. It was a 3 hour flight from Auckland to Sydney. Awesome shot!

Written on 24/05/2020 by Robert Cowling

ZOOM!!! Beautiful!

Written on 24/05/2020 by Robert Cowling

Awesome! I'm sorry that I missed the opportunity to fly Chalks. That's what I thought when I saw the blue color obscured by the overlay.

There is something so 'romantic' about taking off and landing on the water. It's hard too. Most people don't realize how hard water is.

Written on 24/05/2020 by Robert Cowling

Amazing aircraft to say the least. If they can do this with a 747 you would think that it would be feasible to construct a full double deck version for maximum passenger capacity.

Written on 24/05/2020 by Vinny Barbin

Pictures should be selected before uploading to the gallery

Written on 24/05/2020 by Bartolomeo Gorgoglione

Yep based on a B738 and correct about the raked wingtips, just like the 787. It was doing some touch-n-go's so it didn't have a pods or anything. Thanks for the comment!


Written on 24/05/2020 by Joan Williams

Thanks Gavin!

Written on 24/05/2020 by mike prendergast

Thanks Gavin!

Written on 23/05/2020 by Mark Thomas

Thanks Jeroen.

Written on 23/05/2020 by Gavin Hughes

Thank you Jeroen.

Written on 23/05/2020 by Gavin Hughes

Thanks Mike. Can't tell you any story about the shot, but Ansett was clearly in the throes of the new white livery at the time and I guess the coveralls were part of the new corporate image. Mechanics or not, they wouldn't stay white for long!

Written on 23/05/2020 by Gavin Hughes

Thanks for the additional weather info too Brian - clearly not cold, as I'd assumed.

Those earlier than scheduled departures are pain in the ****. Nearly missed our once a week visitor this past week because it left half an hour early.

Written on 23/05/2020 by Gavin Hughes

Great Shot!!

Written on 23/05/2020 by brian mosher

Mike and Jeroen...thank you.

Written on 23/05/2020 by Gavin Hughes

Really great pic as usual, Mike.

Written on 23/05/2020 by Gavin Hughes

I've often wondered - how do Iran Air and Air France utilize virtually the same logo?

Written on 23/05/2020 by Mike Boote

Good and interesting pics, Caleb. That must have been a neat trip and one that not too many would take I should think.

Written on 23/05/2020 by Gavin Hughes

I did. What an interesting project, and 2 of them what's more.

Written on 23/05/2020 by Gavin Hughes

Cannot beat a grand old propliner.

Written on 23/05/2020 by Gavin Hughes

Really nice pic Mark. 5 stars for the shot and kudos for being out in the weather. Really paid off.

Written on 23/05/2020 by Gavin Hughes

Michael is correct. Taken in the North end of Panamint above Panamint Springs resort. If you'd like to watch my video of this jet and some others I've shot at Star Wars Canyon.....go here;

Written on 23/05/2020 by Habujet


Written on 23/05/2020 by Jeroen Stroes


Written on 23/05/2020 by Tomás Del Coro

I would love to know the Full History of what all that is about !!!!!

Written on 23/05/2020 by Paul Miller


Written on 23/05/2020 by John Marotta

well done and very nice perspective. I'm always fascinated by what the eye can see. Unique to each of us.

Written on 23/05/2020 by John Marotta

Thanks again Gavin. The sun did most of the work.

Written on 23/05/2020 by Brian Carlin

Thanks Gavin! I originally went out for the departure of one of the visiting El Al 789's, but it left before it was scheduled and before the light got good. I was still happy to catch this though. And the condensation on the fuselage was from 74% humidity & 72F low overnight.

Written on 23/05/2020 by Brian Carlin

Not only did people dress better, but the planes were bigger too. My dad worked security after he retired from the Army, and when my mom needed a break, I'd go hang out at the airport with him. People really dressed up, but the change was already coming.

I remember coming out of the Caribbean, and a woman got on with a bikini top and jeans shorts. Um... The top did actually fit though, covering more than now.

Written on 23/05/2020 by Robert Cowling

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