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Global aircraft leasing industry may face mass lessor bankrupts, analysis

Aircraft leasing companies gazing at a looming sanctions deadline to take back more than 400 jets worth almost $10 billion from Russian airline operators.As part of the sanctions on Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Western states ordered aircraft lessors to repossess their leased aircraft to Russian operators until March 28. Western leasing companies are now terminating their contracts with Russian airlines... ( More...

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Stephen Boyd 1
Those planes are gone forever, who would fly them back. They will be used till they go U/S then parked and cannibalized.
avionik99 0
It appears that sanctions against Russia are punishing more than just Russia. The idiot Biden has stopped buying russian oil causing gas and other transportation costs to soar in America. Why is that moron punishing Americans? Russia will just sell the oil to someone else. We need to be far more educated when pursuing sanctions and who there are really punishing.
Jamar Jackson 0
Biden wants Americans in Electric cars. This was all planned to push Americans off oil. Biden feels no remorse and will squeeze until you plug in.
william baker 0
And where do you think that power comes from when you plug that car in. From oil and gases from other countries. It makes no sense really. Yes we are going cleaner in a way but in another way creating more pollution to create the batteries and power the plugs for the cars.
Jamar Jackson 0
I agree the batteries are made from mines in Africa and very difficult to dispose of them. Very expensive to replace the battery
Ronald Spencer 0
Why wouldn’t the Russians confiscate these planes the West has confiscated a lot of Russian state and individuals assets to me I think it’s very reasonable like defaulting on paying state debt when the debtor’s have confiscated your American dollars


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