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Alaska Air to keep Virgin's purple scheme

The inside, what you’ll see is brand elements of Virgin. If you fly Virgin, it’s unmistakable. You walk in, the purple lights, flying first class, the white seats, in-seat video, the whole thing with ordering from your seat. And that’s one of the things we loved about Virgin America; they were different, they were disruptive ( More...

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Bill Schmiett 3
I've flown both because I commute to the Los Cabos area frequently. Love the inside of the Redwoods and all the cool things in the seat back, but I'd rather be one of those "If it ain't Boeing, I ain't going" folks. With VA, I could leave my WAC charts at home,(yeah I still carry the Jepp charts on every flight I make)

Plus, as if it actually mattered, VA has better tequila than AK. :)
Ian Deans 0
Here we go again....more anti Airbus stuff.


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