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Allegiant Aircraft are Four Times More Likely to Break Down

Allegiant Air's planes are four times as likely to break down in flight as those operated by other major U.S. airlines, an investigation has found. Their jets were forced to make unexpected landings at least 77 times in 2015 for serious mechanical failures, a report from the Tampa Bay Times said. ( Plus d'info...

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linbb 5
Ya buy old worn out AC and do little work on them this is the result so far and hope the day never comes when worse happens.

Just like those busses which run I5 from WA state to the southern boarder of CA. Junk that is waiting to kill.
Scott Campbell 2
no surprise here - just saw one of 57's parked so far from anything at KPSC I think - that it couldn't have been going anywhere soon
So the higher up's in the FAA are just waiting for a major incident ???? I just don't understand !!
Gary Bennett 1
I have flown Allegiant eleven times from KPGD to KIND and have only had one late departure out of KIND because of weather. I have heard of problems, but my experience with them so far has been positive.
ADXbear 1
Ya think they treat their airplanes badly, you should see how they treat their employees, have a high turnover rate and frequently perform acts of age discrimination when older more experienced people try to interview with them. Happened to me 4 times over 8 years.. all young kids operating the airline and they want to move on to bigger and much better companies..
Taylor Jones 1
I've lost track of how many times a plane has been stranded here at KPVU, sometimes sitting on the ramp for days, over the last two to three years. I also seem to recall an article last year about the pilot group trying to raise a fuss about inadequate maintenance and other unsafe practices. I think this just lends even more credence to that.
joel wiley 1
The source article:

Our motto "If it ain't broke, it don't need maintenance"

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