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Mooney hits car during emergency landing

As you can see the Mooney faired better than the Ford Fusion... Following a loss of engine power, the aircraft overtook and impacted a vehicle during a force landing to a roadway west of Hawley Municipal Airport (04Y), in Hawley, Minnesota. The airplane sustained minor damage and the motor vehicle was substantially damaged. There were no injuries ( More...

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Jeff Lawson 1
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Bill Schmiett 1
Next year Ford will put louvers on the side to match the prop marks.
cstolz 1
Engine failure yet the Ford was sliced?! Hmmmm....
Reuben Smith 1
Ford fusions suck
magnetoz 0
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Unsuspecting Driver Gets Ford Slashed By Airplane Propeller 

No, a Sliced Fusion isn't a sushi roll from the crappy Japanese restaurant down the street, and those shark gills aren't stick-on air vents from Pep Boys. This sliced Fusion was the result of a single-engine, propeller driven Mooney making an emergency landing on a Minnesota highway after the engine decided to quit shortly after takeoff.


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