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FAA LAX/ZLA Computer Outage: "ERAM Failure" Havoc in the making?

So far only LAX, PHX, LAS, SLC, IAD show affected due ERAM failure. More to come? Can't find any media coverage of this. ( Plus d'info...

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Crazy stuff there. Normally you can call the ATIS and get a 1:30 listen before it hangs up on you. Right now, 20 seconds at the most. It doesn't help that Ontario is in east ops right now, either. Should make for great listening at all of the LA Basin airports.
Torsten Hoff 2
Affected airports include Los Angeles, Bob Hope Airport (Burbank), John Wayne Airport (Orange County), Las Vegas, Salt Lake City and Phoenix.
Mike Schacht 2
All sorts of fun going on here.
biz jets 2
Cause of the problems was caught on camera;
matt jensen 1;_ylt=AwrBEiH2c2FTp3wAh.XQtDMD
matt jensen 1
Back to paper strips!
guy lever -1
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Ground stop at LAX...

Accepting incoming flights though. Wonder what is going on?
Mike Schacht 0
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Computer Problems Halt Outgoing Flights at Los Angeles Airports

Computer problems forced outgoing flights at Los Angeles-area airports.
Scott kimmel -1
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Computer issues in LA affect Sky Harbor travelers

Flights from airports in the Los Angeles area were grounded for more than an hour Wednesday due to a computer failure at an air traffic control facility in the region, the Federal Aviation Administration said.
Jerry Steinberg -1
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Computer Problems Halt Takeoffs at Southern California Airports - LAX, Bob Hope, John Wayne Continue to Accept Arrivals

The Federal Aviation Administration issued a ground stop order Wednesday afternoon that impacted three airports in the Los Angeles area. The order went into effect at 2 p.m. local time.

“Arrivals continue to be accepted but departures are being held on ground. No ETA on when it will be lifted,” according to an early post by the airport on Twitter. ....

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