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How It’s Possible to Lose an Airplane in 2014

In an era when we’ve all got GPS in our pockets, OnStar in our cars and the NSA tracking anyone, anywhere, it is still possible–although rare–for an airliner to seemingly vanish. ( Plus d'info...

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PhotoFinish 2
I can see a nice Onion satire on this:

BREAKING NEWS: Fisherman pulls garbage out of the ocean. His debris recovery is covered all around the world, despite making no significant impact on the quantity of ocean borne flotsam in the world's oceans. Scientists perplexed why amounts of ocean garbage keeps increasing despite many highly publized retrievals of garbage lately, and suspect that humans may be poluting thier oceans with litter and debris at rates faster than the fisherman can keep up. Fisherman demands government subsidy for the ecologically sensitive work, after finding garbage in the ocean every day despite having picked up everything he had found each previous day. He's about ready to throw in the towel. He suspects the problem is insurmountable, and much bigger than any one man can can do anything meaningful about and decides to throw the garbage back in.

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joel wiley 2
Transponders can be turned off. Can ACARS transmissions be turned off?
There is a difference between publicly released information and data captured.
There may be good reasons for nondisclosure. Then again...
matt jensen 1
Can the engine reporting to RR turned off?
sparkie624 2
How is it possible.... keep in mind that the GPS is for onboard use only, not transmitted away from the a/c. If the A/C goes dark, it is more difficult for ATC to track it. They would have to go to primary radar (back to the old days). 2ndly if they intentionally or unintentionally dropped below radar, then no one knows... It would be easier than most think to hide... Even being that size.
sparkie624 0
Furthermore... A Magician takes the largest object and makes it disappear from right in front of your eyes... They could have seen it already and never knew it.
PhotoFinish 3
1. It should not be possible to fly a plane in this day and age with hundreds of people on board without a satelite tracking device that can not be turned off at any time and that can't be accessed in flight.

An airline should know where everyone one of their multi-hundred million dollar planes is at every minute ( and every soul aboard).

2. It should not be possible for a passenger to board a plane anywhere in the world with a stolen passport that is on the Interpol's list of stolen passports. (The Iranians were not likely involved ok whatever happened to the plane. But any number of the Chinese pasengers could have also used falsified passport credentials to board this flight. This would be relevant if these individuals were Chinese Muslim separatists. They would have motive to down or dissappear an entire plane of mostly Chinese passengers. A Chinese separatist group has claimed responsiblity cryptically. Even if not deemed credible by some officials, the possibility is still out there.)

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PhotoFinish 2
Not true. Link bait. Spammers should be removed.
andy streit 1
Is it uncommon for aircraft to have a "lojack" system installed? While the aircraft can receive GPS signal, why can it not broadcast its signal? If the cell phones are turned on, as some family members say, can those signals not be tracked or "pinged" off of local cell towers? Something is highly a miss here. This should not be able to happen. Ive just heard today on local news (PHX) that some passengers have a GPS transmitter in their luggage that can be used to locate your bag if lost. If it is lost, you can locate the bag via GPS. Did anyone have this technology onboard?
jbermo 1
MH370/ like AF447 and Colgan 3407 - growing reasons why the next technological advancement of large transport aircraft will be to place the FO as ground based. Full duel human control of flight preserved - but one in the air/ and one on the ground.
There was a sudden 650 foot drop in altitude. Then a climb to FL29. West turn and flight for 350. My question: When the transponder was turned OFF & no verbal...why didn't they launch their fighters?
matt jensen 2
Maybe they did

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