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American in talks to buy 100 Airbus planes, Bloomberg report says

American is conidering buying up to 100 Airbus 320 series aircraft to replace aging and non efficient MD-80 series and Boeing 757-200s who are showing excessive wear and tear. ( Plus d'info...

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Marcus Pradel 0
i hope this is just a negotiating tactic to get a better price from Boeing.. Maybe the Being Union could intervene and actually build airplanes instead of complain about having jobs and guaranteed workloads.
chalet 0
I don't think this is just a negotiation tactic for that would send the wrong message to Airbus that American is using them and this ploy would never work again. Other U.S. major airlines had bought Airbus 320s and 330s in the past to keep Boeing honest and of course because the equipment is top notch too: United, U.S. Airways, Northwest. American had some 24 copies of Mod. 300 on lease and apparently were satisfied with the product.

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