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Air Canada passenger tapes mid-flight freak out

Amateur video footage of a passenger freaking out on Air Canada flight from Toronto to London on December 6th, 2007. ( Plus d'info...

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GLB62 0
WTF! can't help but wonder when, or if, he calmed down? wonder what set him off to begin with? racial paranoia or bad methamphetamine?
LunchboxLarry 0
I think he was provoked after reading some stuff on this. . . Everyone seeemed not to care which is interesting . . . Niice to see people dont freak as much as you would think.
Daniel Baker 0
Re Giants1124, she knows how to do it. The key to airline travel is being in your own world from soup to nuts.
Giants1124 0
i love the woman infront of one of the men who is holdin the guy down...she isnt even bothered by it she just keeps reading lol :)
olddieselguy 0
Remember the movie Ace Ventura Pet Detective? The scene where he gets shot with at tranquilizer by the bushmen? This flight needed a few bushmen hiding in the overhead storage compartments. Hey that is an idea for the Air Marshalls! HAHA
flygirljc 0
Uh - where's the Federal Marshall's when you need them (never where they are supposed to be)... :)
flygirljc 0
Man - that's why I drive or go by boat or private aircraft/GA... :)
dflegel 0
I would have shot him at his request.
sublux24 0
I would have had him hog-tied and duct tape over his mouth. Im sure he was scaring many other passengers.
nrm8o8 0
That guy was annoying... I would gone mad if i was on the same plane with him.
XtCamZ 0
Looks like he was already arrested and the two guys sitting on each side of him were escorting him. Probably to some secret prison in Europe to water board him.

Bye bye civil liberties!
AV8R123 0
That is "FREAKEY SCARY"! I'd like to know what was the final outcome. Was he arrested?
Mikebravo 0
Now thats scary,lol
Daniel Baker 0
I always wondered what these "in flight disturbances" were about.

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