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New flight paths angering residents in Phoenix

The Federal Aviation Administration implemented new satellite-based arrival and departure paths out of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. The changes are part of a program the FAA is rolling out at major airports across the country as it looks to replace an outdated network of radar and radio communications with satellite-based and digital communications. ( Plus d'info...

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Rebecca Burt 1
I love the change. I wave to every passing flight. Thanks to every pilot that flashes lights to say hello back to me. It makes my day!
Mike Mohle 1
I actually live in one of the affected areas in the Phoenix metro since the changes were made. The new flight paths make no sense. Areas east and west of KPHX are industrial and a lake/river bed, with no inhabitants to annoy. In the past, flights took off east or west, flew straight out approximately 8 miles before making turns that would be directly over a major highway (mostly adjacent to industrial and farmland), so there was little if any additional noise impact. Now, it seems the planes fly 3-4 miles out and instead of making turns north or south to follow the highway, they are now turning more directly to their destinations at lower altitudes since they are closer to the airport. Change is not always better.
patrick baker 2
this seems to be an example of technocrats and administrators giving no heed to the quality of life below their magnificent doodles of approaches and departures. Population density maps ;may not have been used in deciding where to send aircraft. The government seems to be taking property without heeding alternatives. Property values are real values, and NIMBY attitudes are being exposed here as not having been properly considered.Sometimes a new way is also a stupid way, an inconsiderate way. LIke in this case.

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