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Heated Seats Now Standard on New Daher TBM 910/930s

Daher has added electrically heated seats as standard equipment on 2018-production TBM 910 and 930 turboprop singles. Once the pilot engages the mode via a master control in the cockpit, each occupant can choose whether to use the heating and select either light or moderate heat settings. ( Plus d'info...

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Cansojr 2
That's nice. They are a prime source for strange smells and smoke in the cabin. Volvo builds one of the safest cars in the world. Yes, it's not an airplane, but I've seen a $65,000 Volvo sedan go up in smoke because of heated seats. It's not necessarily the manufacturer but the sub-contractor. Incidentally, the TBM's are beautiful aircraft.
Yup. But I feel rather they're gonna be farely safer than the seats used in land based vehicles.
Cansojr 2
You may have a really good point. I am just curious about the un -necessary crap like a gaming machine that couldn't be turned off, it sent an MD-11 to hit St. Margrets Bay, Nova Scotia at over 600 knots. I am curious to see if there is a circuit breaker to pull? Because, I never want to see what I saw there...ever again. Light turboprops and heavy aircraft alike are not immune from incompetence. Remember in free market capitalism the contract goes to the lowest bidder, not necessarily the safest.

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