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Consolidated B-24 Liberator (N24927) - Diamond Lil strutting her stuff at the 2019 Wings Over Dallas WWII AIr Show.
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Consolidated B-24 Liberator (N24927)


Diamond Lil strutting her stuff at the 2019 Wings Over Dallas WWII AIr Show.


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Diana Rose
WoW! Perfect Left Bank Within the Frame! You Go Diamond Lil!
jesse kyzer
Anthony Holding
Perfect. Please try to bring it back to England so we might see and hear it . Thankyou
a mentor
NOPE; the Privateer can be seen here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Consolidated_PB4Y-2_Privateer
charles rhodes
I think it is a C 87. No turbo engines and "cheeks" on engine inlets. Great picture.
John Ryan
No marshall turret on top. That's where Daddy sat.
John Yarno
A. Holding, thank you for that wonderful link.
J. Kyzer, another great link, thanks.
rbt schaffer
Uncle flew these as pilot training, then flew 50 missions out of Foggia IT in B-17s. Weird story. Then came back to train pilots in B-24s again in AZ. Looked like a kid before going overseas and looked like he aged 30 years after combat.. Brought em all back, many with flack holes and engines shot out..... DFC with 2 Oak Leaf Clusters....
Note quite a B-24 or a C-87, but an airplane with a fantastic history. Great picture!

Larry Kreuger
My father flew a B24 J Consolidated for 43 missions, about half strikes and half recce out of Alice Springs Australia and New Guinean air fields. He told me fully loaded it took about 60 minutes to get to 20k ft. This pic sure looks like a B24 to me but I’m not an expert. My mother told me I never really knew my father as he was never the same when he got home... those in the 530 heavies group lost about 1/3 of their crews/planes. He passed in 2003 at age 88.
a mentor
"I never really knew my father as he was never the same when he got home..."

NONE of those doing the work were EVER the same ... see the Netflix documentary
"Five Came Back"

The grandfather of a life long friend woke up nights screaming for 30 years
jesse kyzer
1940? Constructed as a B-24A.

this Liberator, s/n 18, was the 25th built out of a total of 18,482 B-24s...
a mentor
If you need motivation for "Five Came Back", see the 3of4th episode of the impact on the film directors. You will want to see all four or just give up on the subject of "learning lessons from history".
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