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Consolidated B-24 Liberator (N224J)


Collings Foundation Wings of Freedom Tour at Dallas Love Field.


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Dave Sheehy
Awesome! 5*+++
Tomer Ariav
I don't know on how saying it: my first thought was a B-25 on steroids or the B-25 is a lean B-24.
serge loth
Close to my home there is a Commemorative Rock along a river where these poor young B24 crew have been shot down killed by the german DCA, returning from a bombing night mission. I guess two or three survived.. I often have a look to they name..
robert kennington
At Sebring, FL, airport, waiting for a fly-by of this aircraft, I was talking to two elderly veterans who'd both been captured after parachuting into a minefield. (!) Because of the direction I happened to be facing, my view was suddenly filled by a steeply-banked B-24. (Eek!) The first in the crowd to see it, I shouted, "WHOA"!

Definitely worth waiting for. :)
scott dicken
Flew on this Liberator, their b-17, and b-25 Mitchell over the last 4-5 years. Saving up for p-51 but now heard they are restoring me-232 so ???? tough call. I will scrounge up some pics too but I love this one. Very nice.
Lucius Gravely
My wife;s father was an instructor pilot in one of these. Last year we took a 30" flight out of Cecil Field (VQQ) in Jacksonville. An oil leak sprang up on the nose gear hose and our short flight went on for two and a half hours!!
Hydraulic fluid all over the inside of the plane and all of us. Wonderful ride. Enough fluid for one and one only application of the brakes when we landed. Having an 11,000 ft. runway helped! Listening to four 1830's was great.
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Date Avion Provenance Destination Départ Arrivée Durée
24-08-2019 UnknownPrès de Belmar/Farmingdale, NJMonmouth Executive () 18h24 EDT 18h54 EDT 0:30
24-08-2019 UnknownPrès de Belmar/Farmingdale, NJMonmouth Executive () 17h35 EDT 18h06 EDT 0:30
24-08-2019 UnknownPrès de Belmar/Farmingdale, NJMonmouth Executive () 09h32 EDT 10h05 EDT 0:32
23-08-2019 UnknownPrès de Belmar/Farmingdale, NJMonmouth Executive () 09h34 EDT 10h05 EDT 0:30
22-08-2019 UnknownMonmouth Executive ()Monmouth Executive () 17h23 EDT 17h54 EDT 0:31
21-08-2019 UnknownPrès de Hazleton, PAMonmouth Executive () 13h57 EDT 14h51 EDT 0:53
18-08-2019 UnknownButler County ()Butler County () 17h26 EDT 17h52 EDT 0:26
17-08-2019 UnknownButler County ()Butler County () 09h25 EDT 09h53 EDT 0:27
11-08-2019 UnknownPrès de Akron, OHrégional de Akron-Canton () 17h23 EDT 17h53 EDT 0:29
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