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BOEING 777-300 (EI-UNP)
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BOEING 777-300 (EI-UNP)



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ian mcdonell
Definitely like this paint job
Fat Cat
Vera BykovaPhoto Uploader
It's really painted, it's not a sticker.

Fat cat - look the cartoon "Rollin Safari" - very similar)
G Zorbas
Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing Vera.
Ken Hardy
renato basso
Leon Kay
Nice photo of an interesting combination. A Boeing in service in Russia painted with a jaguar that is a wild cat species native to the Americas, mainly South America.
Cool shot!
Tim Smith
Impressive! Very neat for the kids to watch come into a gate!
Ok, that's awesome.
Nose Are extraordinaire' !!!
Alan Haberbusch
Nice kitty
Vera BykovaPhoto Uploader
Leon Kay, sorry, but it's not like that at all) This is an image of the Far Eastern Leopard, a specially protected animal, which has 70 animals left in the world. 10 of them live in China, the remaining 60 - in the Far East of Russia. There is a special organization that protects them - called "Leopard Land", this is their global promotion to attract attention to the endangered species.
Vera BykovaPhoto Uploader
Thank you all for the comments! I'm glad that you liked it!
Carol Steinbrecher
Way Cool
Angela Barwell
I love it - a great way to make people aware of an endangered species. Perhaps more airlines should follow suit if they haven't already...
Six eyes with the pilots! Also, outstanding shot!!!
marylou anderson
Nice pic.
Funny that they chose THIS particular breed of cat.
Do you know the reason behind their choice?
Vera BykovaPhoto Uploader
marylou anderson, yes, I know of course - I wrote above, this kind of cats on the verge of extinction. There are many reasons - from logging and forest fires and human advancement into the depths of the taiga (industrial development of the region) to poachers.
By the way, today is exactly one year, as the plane in this livery made its first flight. I was at this meeting, it was a flight Moscow - Vladivostok.

This is not the only environmental project involving this airline. The airline chooses the most difficult species in terms of conservation.

Another pain in the region is the Amur Tiger. He is also listed in the Red Book of the International Union for Conservation of Nature. This is the northernmost tiger.
His image is worn by another airplane of Rossiya Airlines - Boeing 747 (reg. EI-XLD)
Vera BykovaPhoto Uploader
Thank you all for your attention to this photo and for your sympathy for the Far Eastern leopard)
Doug Zalud
Awesome. Thanks for getting a great shot of this.
Definitely like this paint job Kool
That is a work of art without a doubt,beautiful.
like this paint job, very cool.
Roman Bozhko
This cat is actually modeled after Bagira from the Jungle Book, excellent recreation
Lovely Kitty!
Michael Carden
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Date Avion Provenance Destination Départ Arrivée Durée
28-09-2021 B773Int'l Cheremetievo ()Sokol () 20h19 MSK 11h19 +11 (+1) En vol
28-09-2021 B773Khabarovsk Novy ()Int'l Cheremetievo () 11h22 +10 11h40 MSK 7:18
27-09-2021 B773Int'l Cheremetievo ()Khabarovsk Novy () 18h45 MSK 09h13 +10 (+1) 7:27
27-09-2021 B773Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk ()Int'l Cheremetievo () 11h56 +11 11h44 MSK 7:47
26-09-2021 B773Int'l Cheremetievo ()Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk () 17h16 MSK 09h33 +11 (+1) 8:17
26-09-2021 B773Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk ()Int'l Cheremetievo () 11h51 +11 11h57 MSK 8:05
25-09-2021 B773Int'l Cheremetievo ()Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk () 17h19 MSK 09h15 +11 (+1) 7:55
25-09-2021 B773Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk ()Int'l Cheremetievo () 11h59 +11 12h03 MSK 8:04
24-09-2021 B773Int'l Cheremetievo ()Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk () 17h38 MSK 09h30 +11 (+1) 7:51
24-09-2021 B773Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk ()Int'l Cheremetievo () 11h53 +11 11h48 MSK 7:54
23-09-2021 B773Int'l Cheremetievo ()Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk () 17h21 MSK 09h13 +11 (+1) 7:52
23-09-2021 B773Sokol ()Int'l Cheremetievo () 14h30 +11 13h33 MSK 7:03
22-09-2021 B773Int'l Cheremetievo ()Sokol () 20h14 MSK 11h14 +11 (+1) 6:59
22-09-2021 B773Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk ()Int'l Cheremetievo () 12h28 +11 12h26 MSK 7:58
21-09-2021 B773Int'l Cheremetievo ()Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk () 17h49 MSK 09h47 +11 (+1) 7:58
21-09-2021 B773Sokol ()Int'l Cheremetievo () 14h44 +11 14h08 MSK 7:24
20-09-2021 B773Int'l Cheremetievo ()Sokol () 20h20 MSK 11h36 +11 (+1) 7:15
20-09-2021 B773Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk ()Int'l Cheremetievo () 15h06 +11 15h43 MSK 8:36
19-09-2021 B773Int'l Cheremetievo ()Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk () 20h35 MSK 12h14 +11 (+1) 7:38
19-09-2021 B773Simferopol Int'l ()Int'l Cheremetievo () 14h36 EEST 16h40 MSK 2:04
19-09-2021 B773Int'l Cheremetievo ()Simferopol Int'l () 10h17 MSK 12h26 EEST 2:09
18-09-2021 B773Simferopol Int'l ()Int'l Cheremetievo () 23h00 EEST 01h11 MSK (+1) 2:10
18-09-2021 B773Int'l Cheremetievo ()Simferopol Int'l () 18h38 MSK 20h42 EEST 2:04
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