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Gulfstream Aerospace Gulfstream IV (N729TY) - N ???
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Gulfstream Aerospace Gulfstream IV (N729TY)


N ???


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Doug Pickard
This picture may have been submitted on 3 Dec 2016, but it was not taken on that date, if in fact it is a picture of N511DB. N511DB is currently a G650. It used to be a GIV several years ago. The aircraft in this picture is a GIV. N511DB may very well have been the registration for a GIV. Evidence for this assertion it that there are six cabin windows per side (not seven) , clamshell style thrust reversers (as opposed to faired in), windscreen wipers (as opposed to none), pitot tubes mounted on top of the nose in front of the windscreen (as opposed to two per side mounted on the sides), and no EVS window on top of the nose where the aforementioned pitots reside. The landing lights are mounted in the inboard leading edge area, like on a GIV and not on the belly like a 650. The taxi lights are arranged in a three across fashion, while on a 650 they are in a triangle.
Claude BlaisPhoto Uploader
Hello Doug, you are quite sharp. I took this picture on December 3. I have the wrong N number. N511DB is another Gulfstream I saw a few minutes after this one.....After digging in my pictures I found the right N number N534QS. Exact type is: 2006 GULFSTREAM AEROSPACE GV-SP (G550). Thank you for your input and sorry for my mistake !!! I will add a picture of N 511DB, watch for it Doug !!!
David Aaron
I do not believe that this is N534QS either which is a G550, this aircraft is a standard GV, if you look closely at the stripe on the fuselage and the painting at the top of the tail you can see that it is the wrong color and in the wrong location.
Dennis Bishop
Wow, tough crowd!
Claude BlaisPhoto Uploader
Yes, tough crowd! Here I am correcting myself again....1990 GULFSTREAM AEROSPACE G-IV. N729TY. Location in KVNY on Dec 3. Hope I got it right this time.
David Aaron
You're getting closer, could be a G-IVSP but the paint livery is the same as N450JE.
Claude BlaisPhoto Uploader
I quit !!!!
Clause. I don't care what the tail no is. Its a great photo. Great job
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Date Avion Provenance Destination Départ Arrivée Durée
26-07-2021 UnknownVan Nuys ()Int'l de Los Angeles () 15h40 PDT 15h47 PDT Prévue
26-07-2021 GLF4Int'l McCarran ()Van Nuys () 14h46 PDT 15h27 PDT Prévue
26-07-2021 GLF4Int'l de Los Angeles ()Int'l McCarran () 12h46 PDT 13h29 PDT Prévue
21-07-2021 GLF4Dekalb-Peachtree ()Int'l de Los Angeles () 00h45 EDT 01h31 PDT 3:45
20-07-2021 GLF4Int'l McCarran ()Dekalb-Peachtree () 17h16 PDT 23h52 EDT 3:36
20-07-2021 GLF4Int'l de Los Angeles ()Int'l McCarran () 11h25 PDT 12h07 PDT 0:42
19-07-2021 GLF4Van Nuys ()Int'l de Los Angeles () 12h40 PDT 13h30 PDT 0:50
19-07-2021 GLF4Int'l de Los Angeles ()Van Nuys () 06h44 PDT 06h54 PDT 0:10
18-07-2021 GLF4John-Wayne ()Int'l de Los Angeles () 12h02 PDT 12h17 PDT 0:14
18-07-2021 GLF4Heber Valley ()John-Wayne () 10h23 MDT 10h52 PDT 1:28
17-07-2021 GLF4Friedman Meml ()Heber Valley () 15h46 MDT 16h25 MDT 0:39
17-07-2021 GLF4Van Nuys ()Friedman Meml () 12h27 PDT 14h51 MDT 1:23
16-07-2021 GLF4John-Wayne ()Van Nuys () 13h25 PDT 13h46 PDT 0:21
16-07-2021 GLF4Int'l de San José ()John-Wayne () 11h34 PDT 12h30 PDT 0:55
15-07-2021 GLF4Int'l de San Francisco ()Int'l de San José () 15h51 PDT 16h08 PDT 0:16
15-07-2021 GLF4Van Nuys ()Int'l de San Francisco () 13h59 PDT 14h50 PDT 0:51
15-07-2021 GLF4Int'l de Los Angeles ()Van Nuys () 10h37 PDT 10h53 PDT 0:16
14-07-2021 GLF4Pangborn Meml ()Int'l de Los Angeles () 17h34 PDT 19h38 PDT 2:03
14-07-2021 GLF4Bozeman Yellowstone Intl ()Pangborn Meml () 16h11 MDT 16h17 PDT 1:05
14-07-2021 GLF4Van Nuys ()Bozeman Yellowstone Intl () 09h55 PDT 12h52 MDT 1:56
14-07-2021 GLF4Int'l de Los Angeles ()Van Nuys () 07h06 PDT 07h16 PDT 0:09
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