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6616834 — - 119th Assault Helicopter Co. slick, Gator 834, extracting 4th Infantry Div. LRRP recon team in the Western Highlands of Vietnam, 1969.
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6616834 —


119th Assault Helicopter Co. slick, Gator 834, extracting 4th Infantry Div. LRRP recon team in the Western Highlands of Vietnam, 1969.


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jesse kyzer
MMMMM, Could be me in that door a yr earlier
Robert KilpatrickPhoto Uploader
Dave, long story, but one of the LRRPs took the photo then tracked down my pilot and gave him a print after I went home. We got together at a reunion about 30 years later and he gave me a copy. I posted it on the 1st Bde LRRP site and it went from there. I was the crew chief on that extraction, on the other side of the ship. You can see a strand of NVA commo wire going thru the shot.
Dave Sheehy
Robert, amazing back story and thanks for your service. Thanks for sharing this shot also. I will delete my photo comment from yesterday.
Gavin Hughes
Glad I held back on voting for this when I read Dave's first comment. Was a 5* pic but cannot abide folks who use others pictures without acknowledgement so no vote at first. Now that the matter is cleared up, 5* and a big cheer to all those who served and are serving.
Alan Brown
My best respects to everyone who was on the ground in Nam. I was Air Force Recon, mostly in the Gulf, or over Laos so I always felt that I wasn't in as much danger. Did 6 months at Cam Ranh to fly over Laos, but was never allowed off base.
All of the guys on the ground had it worse in my opinion, and I salute all that you went through.
Ed Boock
Great shot. Brave and determined flying to make the extraction. This pilot is really in the weeds here.
Robert Oldershaw
Great shot - thank you for the back story. Not having served but a military brat at Great Lakes when a lot of POWs came through the Naval Hospital, and seeing again another Vietnam in HD program, thank you. I know the films and pictures never quite capture the horrors and fears of being on the front lines.
Robert, I'm not up on all of the terminlogy. What is commo wire?
Radar TFFR
Nice pic Robert !
Looks like some parts missing on the noise !
randy everett
NWilcox, commo wire is short for communications wire. also sometimes called "a landline".
rodolfo sero
Generación de valientes!!!
serge LOTH
HIstoric picture.. seems to be yesterday.. 50 yrs back!! Tks Robert and congrats.
jim garrity
NEVER FORGET OUR POW/MIA'S! God bless all that served & came home!!
Thanks Randy!
Robert Day
True Valor
Jerry Madero
Memories. 5+.
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