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Robinson R-44 (N440KB)
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Robinson R-44 (N440KB)



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RguHeli HunterPhoto Uploader
Rogue helicopter on a short circuit, even after this above post it is still circling and hovering but mostly in the north side, this might be on a "Remote"/radio controlled, and unmanned on and off!!!. There is another menacingly noisy, cheap, black helicopter that I captured (in pic) recently had no pilots in it. It was like some kids playing with toys, these brain dead remote operators are running these machines....will update with those pic soon...!!! Interestingly, the above garbage did not fly over the walking park place in the last few days??...
RguHeli HunterPhoto Uploader
unusual for it to show up on the tracking after my walk is done?, it did not fly over the park but was on the tracking system circling north Vegas??
Bud Micheals
Hey dumbass, you can clearly see the pilot and passengers in this photo.
RguHeli HunterPhoto Uploader
Bud idiot, read the message clearly before your knee jerk shit, it clearly states that... on and off they use unmanned!, what kind of a moron you are, on another picture a different red helicopter was captured and shown in different position, there too you made the same ridiculous comment pilots ride on the right side, I posted different position and angle so that idiots like you can stop making assumptions and see what is real, are you f..ng blind or what?.
RguHeli HunterPhoto Uploader
is the Sheeple Bud dead?? or no more mk ultra payments for your online troll?
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