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Boeing 737-300 (N515AU)


Not the best conditions for photography-sorry for the result. The big puddle is type 1 and type 4 deicing fluid out at the deice pad. Another day of typical winter ops at BOS -about 2001.


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Gary Schenauer
Don't apologize, Dave. There are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of contributors to FA's gallery, but when you check thru their folders you discover that many of them only take photos when the conditions are absolutely perfect: no precip falling, not at night, not before sunrise or after sunset, not when the sun is straight overhead (11 AM to 3 PM), always from the same exact spot, always the exact same "left front quarter panel" views, boring, boring, ad nauseum, etc., etc. So when an aviation photographer like yourself posts a photo that shows the reality of aviation (it rains and snows at airports while the "fair-weather photographers" are huddled up at home), your photo is a blessing to view. This is a great capture! Not only does it show the reality of adverse weather, but it ALSO shows two historic liveries of a now-defunct airline. True aviation photo fans are going to recognize the high value of this snap and they will rank this shot the same as I am doing .... filling in all five. Bravos!
Dave SheehyPhoto Uploader
Thanks Gary- You are right on with the realities of adverse conditions.
Darryl Sarno
Dave - no need for apologizes - this is a great shot of the old and at that time new US Airways livery. Always love to see BOS history. Sorry for my delayed comment but just saw this post today. 5*'s
Absolutely agree with Darryl and Gary.
Bad weather conditons are a fact of life.
Dave SheehyPhoto Uploader
Thanks Darryl! I may have a few more old "B" terminal shots in my collection...
Tom Vance
Gman gets 5 Aliens on his support response! I agree Dave - I have a zillion like this too, as is, I'll get some of them posted in the future! You took a photo in it's element! Life!
Dave SheehyPhoto Uploader
Tom- thanks again and I am looking forward to more of your retro pics! I am working on one currently that shows the cabin interior of a Piedmont 727, ex Delta, ex Northeast Yellowbird. I will post it soon.
John Marotta
WOW !!! Love it. Thanks for the older picture post !
Dave SheehyPhoto Uploader
Thank you John, glad you like it. We launched 24 RON shuttle and mainline aircraft every morning in that era. The deice pad was a busy place!
Cade Emtage
Very good shot Dave! 5*****
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