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FAIRCHILD (1) Flying Boxcar (N1394N)




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Don Fitzgerald
Great composition and color. Thanks for posting.
Diana Rose
Thanks for reminding us...had totally forgotten about this huge old bird. Beautiful snap.
Paul Wisgerhof
Excellent shot of an old horse put out to pasture.
Gavin Hughes
It may be old, it may be out to pasture, but it makes for great subject and what lighting - well captured.
frank theriault
Beautiful light! Beautiful old bird.
Had a "flight" in one of these 1957 at RCAF Downsview (I was 10) with 25 other kids from a summer camp. Loadmaster standing between the 2 open rear doors, we roared down the runway, got airborne to about 5 ft, chopped the power, plunked on the runway, lots of brakes & reverse. Turned around and did the same in the opposite direction. NOISY, windy and WOW!
Peter Sayers
That makes two of us "out to pasture". Was associated with them in the 50's
Harry Fenton
Great photo!
James Gaffney
First A/C I worked on doing Dope and Fabric recovered the Elevator control surface. Long time ago. Thanks for the memories
Paul Barrett
Just a gorgeous photo!
Michael Mathers
hoo boy. Makes me remember Fort Benning, Georgia, in the summer of 1969, going through jump school. We were told that C-130s were needed in VietNam, so we would use the C-119 for our training. The drop zone was in Alabama. To this day I have never entered the state of Alabama in a car or truck, but I have left it by truck 5 times :)
jesse kyzer
1 January 2018 Certificate of airworthiness for NR1394N (C-119F, 131673) issued
E Kuhn
The first plane I flew in ... sweet !!!
Michael Sutherland
This was the first military aircraft I flew in in the 1960's, followed by the Otter and the C-45 on a regular basis
A classmate of mine in USAF OTS Class 85-01, Flight 1-17, at Lackland/Medina AFB, Thomas Abbott, told us of his father having flown the FAIRCHILD Flying Boxcar.
He stated that the aircrew knew when it was about to lose a propeller by the noise it would begin to make, and, they’d lose the propeller more safely by canting/jiggling the Boxcar left or right to more safely “loosen” and then lose the propeller.
Excellent photograph!!!
Jerry Madero
Flew in one of those from McClellan AFB Sacramento down to Riverside. Can't remember the facility there but what I do remember is it was the noisiest plane I had ever flown in and it remains such. It was a workhorse though. Thanks for the memory.
Pat Cook
A little history on this flying boxcar:

John Shearer
Looks like Greybull, WY per chance? Hawkins & Powers had several and operated them as tankers. My captain on Tanker 10, a P2V-7 for Neptune flew them. Great shot.
John Buckley
Isn't that a C-119?
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