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N472AF — - N472AF after dropping parachute jumpers in the 2018 Terre Haute Air Show.
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N472AF —


N472AF after dropping parachute jumpers in the 2018 Terre Haute Air Show.


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John Giambone
Great shot Matthew. I wish I know this was going to be there and I would have driven down from Indy!
Fabian Dirscherl
spot the spotter :D
Leon Kay
Thank you for a great photo.
Nice, just keeps flying.
jose astacio
David Solarsick
My very first ride in an airplane was in a DC-3. Lake Central Airlines. It was the day I enlisted in the Air Force. We flew from Fairmont, WV to Baltimore, MD. And then from there to San Antonio and Lackland AFB. on a JET!!! That was a very exciting and memorable day for a kid from a coal mining village in Penna who was leaving home and going to be on my own for the first time. Great memories!
flores alfonso
Beautiful plane and nice shoot¡
Mark Scott
looks like a canadian Dakota we ferried 6 from Trenton Canada to Baslers early 1990s
Mark Scott - this is very likely one of your RCAF Dakotas as you mentioned.

Gleaning some information from the FAA registry...


That serial number of 13485 is certainly the manufacturer's assigned s/n... or as it is sometimes referred to as the "construction number".

Using that number... according to Mr. Joe Baugher's information, this is available regarding N472AF - it would be the former USAAF s/n of 42-93560... to which he further detailed...

"93560 (MSN 13485) to USAAF Jun 2, 1944. To RAF as Dakota III KG668 via RAF Montreal Jun 6, 1944. RAF UK Jun 13, 1944. 24 Sqdn RAF Aug 14, 1944. 436 Sqdn RAF Sep 15, 1945. 435 Sqdn RAF Mar 17, 1946. Sold to Canadian gove(r)nment Apr 8, 1946. Transferred to RCAF as KG668 Jun 17, 1946 Central Experimental Proving Establishment, Uplands, Ontario. Renumbered 12942 in Jun 1970. CGRSA Dept of Energy, Mines and Resources Jan 10, 1975. Canadian Center for Remote Surveys Jul 7, 1975. Innotech Aviation Ltd, Dorval, Quebed(Quebec) Jul 1980."


Additional relevant information is also seen here regarding the current FAA civil registration...

ken kemper

This is a Spectacular Pic of this Gem........
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