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Gulfstream Aerospace Gulfstream V (N286CF) - F-86 flying at Cape Kennedy during Atlas launch
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Gulfstream Aerospace Gulfstream V (N286CF)


F-86 flying at Cape Kennedy during Atlas launch


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Paul Wisgerhof
No, friend, NOT a Gulfstream V. Try a North American f-86F.
Doug-fantastic restoration and photo shoot! Great work both you and Mike Killian;

I urge all to view this video;

Diana Rose
OMG! That's a Sabre Jet!
Brian Elling
Como jobs are really good these days
ken kemper
Best pic of the week....bar none.

Takes me back to the early 1960's.
Amy Boone
It has been the greatest privilege of my career to have help worked on the F-86F Sabrejet known as Beauteous Butch II. My heart is so full seeing Doug Matthews fly her after a long restoration.
Fazal Khan
Thanks for sharing the link Dave, what a fantastic video
Donn Avers
Wow !
Brent Vegors
Tagged incorrectly but great composition! Beautiful shot of the acclaimed F-86F Sabrejet.
Bill Butler
Doug Sheehy: Fantastic video. Thanks.
Love the contrast between the jet and the launch.
Peter DeMoore
Great effort to get the shot. Youtube video was excellent. The aircraft must have been right on the edge of the no-fly zone. Very cool. Thanks.
bob reeves
What a shot, BEAUTIFUL
Gary Grogan
Loved the F-86, read about them when I was in Jr. High, during the Korean war!
melvyn jamieson
What an excellent photograph.
A very long time ago I worked for Atlas Aircraft Corporation in South Africa and we tried to get these wonderful aircraft flying again.
I cannot remember how many were in storage but we had one ready to test fly. We did but on closer inspection before proceeding it was discovered that fatigue was a big problem and that stopped the project.
I was great to see one fly again and has remained with me.
They are a beautiful looking aircraft. Mel J.
Peter-Doug Matthews is the pilot and his crew restored this Sabrejet and the photo was done by Mike Killian.
William Owens
Badass photo! Great shot… would loved to be there for that pic!
serge LOTH
Excellent picture at the right time!!! When was it?????????
Funny gulfstream...!!
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