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CURTISS Commando (N1837M)
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CURTISS Commando (N1837M)



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jesse kyzer
N1837M is reg to a 1944? CURTISS WRIGHT C-46F-1-CU S/N: 44-78565 Commando "Hot Stuff"
.....Some history at: http://www.aerialvisuals.ca/AirframeDossier.php?Serial=3037
SUPER THANK YOU! to everyone who helps keep these Ol’ historical birds flying
ken kemper
Awesome photo Jeroen..............
hal pushpak
Oh wow. Love this. Thank You!
Also thanks to jesse kyzer for the link.
(She was once named Miss Piggy!)
Thanks also to the dedication of the mechanics and engineers who saved it from the scrapyard and rebuilt it after the accident.
David Seider
I sure hope that I'm this good-looking when I'm 74 years old.
Yeah, a little dinged up in places, but that's OK. It just means that you've lived an active life.
Lucius Gravely
I always wondered why the C-46 didn't become the "plane of the century" instead of the DC-3. Much more powerful (R-2800's), faster and greater load capacity.
Jerry J Huang
I wonder how many and where are those airworthy C-46’s? I’d really feel like to see her flying. It is majestic!
a mentor
Role Military transport aircraft
National origin United States
Manufacturer Curtiss-Wright
First flight 26 March 1940
Introduction 1941
Status Active in limited civilian use
Primary users United States Army Air Forces
United States Air Force
United States Marine Corps
United States Navy
Produced 1940–1945
Number built 3,181[1]

Patrick Keohane
@Lucius Gravely, If there had been no DC-3, there would not have been any C-46 or any other modern a/c that was inspired by the DC-3. Pretty much every modern passenger or cargo plane has elements that were incorporated into the DC-3 design.

In football, you have what is called "Coaching Trees" where a great many current coaches can trace their coaching lineage back to an earlier coach. In aircraft, the "design tree" can almost always be traced back to the DC-3.
When I was in the USAF stationed in Panama we had a flock of them we called them the
Pregnant Gooney Birds
They had many problems with the elevators.
David Mursch
Korean Air Force (ROKAF) operated C-46's. Flew with them to Cheju-
ddo and P-Y-Do in 1966. At P-Y-Do,Rokaf radar station just off the North Korean coast at the time, landed on the beach at low tide. All crew members carried side arms in case of NK attack. Cheju-Do was another radar site. Grass landing field. Weather station there was a dugout with wind indicator and field telephone,
Daniel Popovitch
Thanks for the history, Mentor.
Ross Selvidge
In the late 1960s and early 1970s in Vietnam and elsewhere in SE Asia, Continental Air Service operated a fleet of aircraft serving various US government agencies (not as dodgy as Air America). They had a C-46 several C-47s, Dornier STOL, SkyVan, and a couple of Beechcraft Barons. I was a Navy construction officer with projects at remote sites all around the Vietnam Central Highlands building facilities for the Vietnamese Army. I was usually flown around to my job sites in one of the Barons but at one time or another I rode in all the others... except the C-46. I regret not getting a ride in it. In my command, because of its shape, it was referred to as the "flying football."
Daniel Popovitch
David, also. thanks .so many guys with so much interesting stuff.
frank theriault
What a gorgeous aircraft! Beautiful photo, thanks for posting. Loved reading the comments, too, most educational!
a mentor
A school chum's father "flew the hump" in a Commando. No radio beacons, no fields to which they might divert -- it was all or nothing. With the loads they were carring, these were literally at their service ceilings!!!

patrick baker
my first flight as a passenger was in one of these flying cigars. I got off first, and my parents found their 4 year old son standing under the aircraft gazing fondly up at the ungainly bird. A few thousand hours flight time later i still enjoy the look of this buzzard....This things looks only slightly pregenant
Royd Nuckols
As an Army PsyOp officer in Vietnam in the early 70s I occasionally had to go to places where Army aviation didn't. Fortunately, Air America did and I had the pleasure of getting there on one of these old beauties, ususlly out of Vung Tau, or one of their Volpar conversion Beech 18s. Loved these reliable old round-engine 46s.
Fabulous action shot!
Dave Mitchell
Awesome shot Jeroen! KUDOS and Thanks!!
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Date Avion Provenance Destination Départ Arrivée Durée
07-04-2021 UnknownWilder Runway Llc ()Kenai Muni () 15h36 AKDT 16h20 AKDT 0:44
07-04-2021 UnknownKenai Muni ()Wilder Runway Llc () 14h28 AKDT 15h15 AKDT 0:46
07-04-2021 UnknownWilder Runway Llc ()Kenai Muni () 11h31 AKDT 12h15 AKDT 0:44
07-04-2021 UnknownKenai Muni ()Wilder Runway Llc () 09h59 AKDT 10h47 AKDT 0:47
06-04-2021 UnknownPrès de Iliamna, AKKenai Muni () First seen 18h26 AKDT 19h06 AKDT 0:40
06-04-2021 UnknownKenai Muni ()Iliamna () 17h12 AKDT 18h06 AKDT 0:53
06-04-2021 UnknownPrès de Iliamna, AKKenai Muni () First seen 13h55 AKDT 14h37 AKDT 0:42
06-04-2021 UnknownKenai Muni ()Iliamna () 12h35 AKDT 13h24 AKDT 0:49
06-04-2021 UnknownWilder Runway Llc ()Kenai Muni () 10h48 AKDT 11h25 AKDT 0:36
06-04-2021 UnknownKenai Muni ()Wilder Runway Llc () 09h36 AKDT 10h16 AKDT 0:39
05-04-2021 UnknownKing Salmon ()Kenai Muni () 19h54 AKDT 21h06 AKDT 1:12
05-04-2021 UnknownKenai Muni ()King Salmon () 17h47 AKDT 19h09 AKDT 1:21
05-04-2021 UnknownKing Salmon ()Kenai Muni () 15h48 AKDT 17h00 AKDT 1:11
05-04-2021 UnknownKenai Muni ()King Salmon () 13h37 AKDT 14h55 AKDT 1:18
05-04-2021 UnknownBeluga ()Kenai Muni () 10h27 AKDT 10h44 AKDT 0:17
05-04-2021 UnknownKenai Muni ()Beluga () 09h25 AKDT 09h43 AKDT 0:17
02-04-2021 UnknownBeluga ()Kenai Muni () 12h37 AKDT 12h55 AKDT 0:18
02-04-2021 UnknownKenai Muni ()Beluga () 11h41 AKDT 12h01 AKDT 0:20
02-04-2021 UnknownBeluga ()Kenai Muni () 10h22 AKDT 10h39 AKDT 0:16
02-04-2021 UnknownKenai Muni ()Beluga () 09h41 AKDT 09h59 AKDT 0:18
01-04-2021 UnknownBeluga ()Kenai Muni () 17h57 AKDT 18h13 AKDT 0:16
01-04-2021 UnknownFairbanks Intl ()Beluga () 15h53 AKDT 17h33 AKDT 1:39
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