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Boeing 727-200 (N364PA)


From 05/30/99


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Dave Sheehy
Thanks for that one Darryl! Was this the "second coming" of PA? Nice work! 5*
Roy Hunte
Beautiful! See the old UAL livery in the background too.
Darryl SarnoPhoto Uploader
Thanks guys and yes Dave this was the "second coming" of Pan Am :)
Chuck Pergiel
The only Pan-Am airline I could find is a charter company: http://www.flypanam.com/
and they are flying turboprops. So what is this? Or should I say, when is this? And where is it? That's a big bridge in the background.
Joseph Edwards
If I'm not mistaking, that's the Tobin Bridge in thee background, along with East Boston. This is Logan Airport, back in the day.
Dave Sheehy
It is indeed BOS. Darryl's shot is the second coming of PA--info from Wiki;

Pan American World Airways trademarks and some assets were purchased by Eclipse Holdings, Inc. at an auction by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court on December 2–3, 1993. The scheduled airline rights were sold to Pan American Airways on December 20–29, 1993 by Eclipse Holdings, which was to retain the Pan Am charter rights and operate through its subsidiary Pan Am Charters, Inc., now Airways Corporation.[128]

The first reincarnation of the original Pan Am operated from 1996 to 1998, with a focus on low-cost, long-distance flights between the United States and the Caribbean with the IATA airline designator PN.

The second reincarnation was unrelated to the first and was a small regional carrier based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, that operated between 1998 and 2004.
Actually, its a bit more complicated than that. The second iteration of Pan AM was flying A-300-B4's. After ValueJet had the accident that made their brand name lose all its value, the owner of Carnival Airlines made a deal to "sell" Carnival to Pan Am, which soon thereafter went into bankruptcy. The Pan Am/Carnival airline was bought out of bankruptcy by Timothy Mellon (Grandson of the founder of Mellon Band and owned Railroads) who operated it with 727's until they tried to break the union (crew were all long time Carnival pilots with a lot of seniority). So they started the Regional airline and tried to move the 727's onto that certificate, but the judge saw through the ploy and shut the whole operation down.
Edwin Peckens
A 727 with winglets ?
Roy Hunte
Yes Edwin, some were retrofitted later in their life.
Doug Fehmel
Loved Pan Am. I used to fly them trans Atlantic, but also between Frankfurt and West Berlin before German reunification in 1989. The flights usually lasted less than an hour back then, and if there was a tail wind and you were sitting in the back of the 737, you missed out on cabin service.
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