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Boeing 737-800 (HP1716CMP) - low landing
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Boeing 737-800 (HP1716CMP)


low landing


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Kurt Anderson
Just my take but to close for comfort and hearing loss.
gary ciana
Nobody is holding their ears!! Then, wouldn't beach goers have been blown all over the place??? I suspect Photo-Shop type deal here.
Google: St. Maarten airport
At this stage of approach, the engine noise would be minimal with the current generation of aircraft, wake turbulence may make one stumble. On take off on that beach, another ball game!

Once, at LHR, I was blown of my feet and got slight burns by standing by the fence directly behind BA Concorde ( 27L ) as the afterburner kicked in.....I learned a big lesson that day.
Brad Meyers
St Martin. No PhotoShop. Cool airport for plane watching but I betcha the watcher gets a facefull of sand!
S.O.P. at this airport. runway is pretty short. so being high and landing long are a bad idea.
People should have been blown away!
Dwight Hartje
Excellent composition and shot! I would really like to go there!
No hearing loss, and no Photoshop needed. I have spent many hours in the same spot. I could live on Maho Beach!
Sommer Whitlow
Jairo Silva
Muito linda esta foto!! Espetacular mesmo. Parabéns!!
There is a "rite of passage" to hold onto the fence during take-offs without being blown away.
Go look on Youtube for dozens of videos of Saint Juliana airport in St. Maarten to see both landings and takeoffs
looks like the united tail :)
Karter Hickling
This livery honestly is a united knockoff, always throws me off haha
It is very similar to Continental's globe logo adopted in 1991 (now adorning the UCH fleet)... but Copa was 49% owned by Continental in 1998 when Copa switched to this in 1999.
Devon Gabreluk
Well we know the photo was taken sometime after June of 2010 as the gentleman in the green shirt located lower-right seems to be capturing the landing on his white iPhone 4. I guess it could be a few months earlier if he is an Apple engineer conducting device abuse testing :)
Alvaro Gomez
Nice picture.....!
David Brown
So United. Much close.
wow that is so close nice picture wow
matt antes
Well, As Far as I am concerned, The take-off is much louder than the landing,

Because the engines need to start up, then comes the long roll of the aircraft (in this case, a 737-800)

So the landing is much quieter, because the noise is over you for a little while,

then dicapates when the aircraft moves away from you.
matt antes
And, no. The Beach-goers would not have been blown away by the engines because of the angle of attack. If you look at the beachers on the far Left side of the picture are already fighting the "Wind" but the people under the plane are fine (for now) Because the back of the engines have not gotten infront of the road on the right of the beach.
very good
Either you know the airport or you don't.
Seth Kim
It's from the beach right behind St. Maarten airport.

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Date Avion Provenance Destination Départ Arrivée Durée
02-08-2021 B738Int'l de Tocumen ()Int'l de Miami () 18h38 EST 22h09 EDT 2:30
02-08-2021 B738Int'l de Mexico ()Int'l de Tocumen () 10h57 CDT 14h10 EST 3:12
01-08-2021 B738Int'l de Tocumen ()Int'l de Mexico () 22h07 EST 01h22 CDT (+1) 3:14
01-08-2021 B738Int'l d'Orlando ()Int'l de Tocumen () 18h36 EDT 20h35 EST 2:58
01-08-2021 B738Int'l de Tocumen ()Int'l d'Orlando () 09h59 EST 14h00 EDT 3:00
01-08-2021 B738Ernesto Cortissoz Int'l ()Int'l de Tocumen () 07h37 -05 08h32 EST 0:54
31-07-2021 B738Int'l de Tocumen ()Ernesto Cortissoz Int'l () 21h55 EST 22h49 -05 0:53
31-07-2021 B738Mariscal Sucre Int'l ()Int'l de Tocumen () 18h50 -05 20h25 EST 1:35
31-07-2021 B738Int'l de Tocumen ()Mariscal Sucre Int'l () 15h30 EST 17h03 -05 1:32
31-07-2021 B738Cancun Int'l ()Int'l de Tocumen () 11h36 EST 13h50 EST 2:13
31-07-2021 B738Int'l de Tocumen ()Cancun Int'l () 07h43 EST 10h01 EST 2:18
31-07-2021 B738Jorge Chávez Int'l ()Int'l de Tocumen () 02h45 -05 05h56 EST 3:10
30-07-2021 B738Int'l de Tocumen ()Jorge Chávez Int'l () 21h40 EST 00h45 -05 (+1) 3:05
30-07-2021 B738Cancun Int'l ()Int'l de Tocumen () 17h44 EST 19h51 EST 2:06
30-07-2021 B738Int'l de Tocumen ()Cancun Int'l () 14h06 EST 16h16 EST 2:09
30-07-2021 B738Rafael Nunez Int'l ()Int'l de Tocumen () 09h34 -05 10h27 EST 0:52
30-07-2021 B738Int'l de Tocumen ()Rafael Nunez Int'l () 07h43 EST 08h30 -05 0:46
30-07-2021 B738Cheddi Jagan Int'l ()Int'l de Tocumen () 04h20 -04 06h20 EST 2:59
29-07-2021 B738Int'l de Tocumen ()Cheddi Jagan Int'l () 21h30 EST 01h46 -04 (+1) 3:15
29-07-2021 B738Int'l de Tampa ()Int'l de Tocumen () 17h53 EDT 19h42 EST 2:48
29-07-2021 B738Int'l de Tocumen ()Int'l de Tampa () 09h51 EST 14h05 EDT 3:14
29-07-2021 B738Luis Munoz Marin Intl ()Int'l de Tocumen () 06h30 AST 07h54 EST 2:23
28-07-2021 B738Int'l de Tocumen ()Luis Munoz Marin Intl () 18h59 EST 22h24 AST 2:24
28-07-2021 UnknownPrès de QuitoInt'l de Tocumen () First seen 15h24 -05 16h47 EST 1:23
28-07-2021 B738Int'l de Tocumen ()Mariscal Sucre Int'l () 09h39 EST 11h06 -05 1:26
28-07-2021 B738Jorge Chávez Int'l ()Int'l de Tocumen () 04h58 -05 08h09 EST 3:10
27-07-2021 B738Int'l de Tocumen ()Jorge Chávez Int'l () 19h12 EST 22h11 -05 2:59
27-07-2021 B738Mariscal Sucre Int'l ()Int'l de Tocumen () 15h27 -05 16h53 EST 1:25
27-07-2021 B738Int'l de Tocumen ()Mariscal Sucre Int'l () 09h39 EST 11h09 -05 1:29
27-07-2021 B738Alfonso Bonilla Aragon Int'l ()Int'l de Tocumen () 07h23 -05 08h29 EST 1:06
26-07-2021 B738Int'l de Tocumen ()Alfonso Bonilla Aragon Int'l () 22h00 EST 23h08 -05 1:07
26-07-2021 B738Int'l de Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood ()Int'l de Tocumen () 18h35 EDT 20h09 EST 2:33
26-07-2021 B738Int'l de Tocumen ()Int'l de Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood () 11h51 EST 15h30 EDT 2:38
26-07-2021 B738Int'l Silvio Pettirossi ()Int'l de Tocumen () 03h09 -04 08h23 EST 6:13
25-07-2021 B738Int'l de Tocumen ()Int'l Silvio Pettirossi () 19h13 EST 01h41 -04 (+1) 5:27
25-07-2021 B738Int'l Maiquetía ~ Simón Bolívar ()Int'l de Tocumen () 16h35 -04 17h31 EST 1:55
25-07-2021 B738Int'l de Tocumen ()Int'l Maiquetía ~ Simón Bolívar () 11h34 EST 14h26 -04 1:51
25-07-2021 B738Ernesto Cortissoz Int'l ()Int'l de Tocumen () 07h49 -05 08h45 EST 0:56
24-07-2021 B738Int'l de Tocumen ()Ernesto Cortissoz Int'l () 21h58 EST 22h48 -05 0:50
24-07-2021 B738Cheddi Jagan Int'l ()Int'l de Tocumen () 04h17 -04 06h31 EST 3:13
23-07-2021 B738Int'l de Tocumen ()Cheddi Jagan Int'l () 21h37 EST 01h53 -04 (+1) 3:15
23-07-2021 B738Int'l de Tampa ()Int'l de Tocumen () 18h15 EDT 20h04 EST 2:49
23-07-2021 B738Int'l de Tocumen ()Int'l de Tampa () 09h46 EST 13h38 EDT 2:51
23-07-2021 B738Jorge Chávez Int'l ()Int'l de Tocumen () 02h47 -05 05h57 EST 3:09
22-07-2021 B738Int'l de Tocumen ()Jorge Chávez Int'l () 21h33 EST 00h43 -05 (+1) 3:09
22-07-2021 B738Int'l de Tampa ()Int'l de Tocumen () 17h55 EDT 19h57 EST 3:01
22-07-2021 B738Int'l de Tocumen ()Int'l de Tampa () 09h48 EST 13h36 EDT 2:48
22-07-2021 B738Jorge Chávez Int'l ()Int'l de Tocumen () 04h56 -05 07h59 EST 3:02
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