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NL51ZW —
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NL51ZW —



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Tom Glass
Perfect Shot, how could it not score a 5-Star!
sven vollertPhoto Uploader
@ Tom, Some of them miss the models :-)
jesse kyzer
Mark Harris
Lovely photo - shame about the lack of information though.
Alan Brown
Great photo of a beautiful aircraft!
Diana Rose
Very Artful Image. FAA Registry-N-Number: First Character must be a number 1-9
ken kemper
Awesome photo & angle Sven............
Bob Allen
It's certainly a beautiful Aircraft and a great photo!
Bill Butler
Why does it look like a model? Reflection on gear door. Cockpit missing "something"?
Paul Chastain
BZ !

USN Retired
Cliff Schultz
The perfect airplane! Just 102 days from concept to flying production aircraft.
Jesse Carroll
Beautiful Bird, however, looks like an attempt to photoshop!
Just saying!
Where is the N # ? maybe it's in a museum or display. Still gotta love the P-51's.
May even be a plastic model?
Let's make this political, if Trump was President, would be have had the P-51 sooner or would have Biden claim that he built it him self?
Sorry, couldn't resist!
sven vollertPhoto Uploader

thanks for the raiting of this Photo.

This aircraft is temporarily based close to me. I try to be at the airfield on all training days. During the Covid conditions, it's almost a private airshow :-)

Nice greetings, Sven.

For the skeptics under the visitors

The official registration (call sign) for this P51 is NL51ZW.

Why does Photoshop always have to be the reason for good pictures? Photo equipment, experience, utilization of the topography and of natural light....are good tools.

Photoshop corrections are: White balance; chock and gopro bracket in canopy are removed.

The airport is located in mountainous terrain. Some impressive perspectives are possible




Sven, great photo and response to the audience! 5* on both.

I might also add that the L in the FAA registration number is legal and means that the Type Certificate for the aircraft has this aircraft listed as Limited.
There is a 1944 P-51D registration number N51ZW serial number 44-13903 listed in Albuquerque NM. Don't know why the airplane shown would show the serial number 472927? Got to admit; it certainly does look 'real' in the photo!!
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