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— — - This is from my 1972-74 archives.  I photographed this Air America C-54 landing at Yokota Air Base (near Tokyo, Japan) in 1973.
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This is from my 1972-74 archives. I photographed this Air America C-54 landing at Yokota Air Base (near Tokyo, Japan) in 1973.


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ian mcdonell
love it - thanks
Bill Bailey
That's not a C-118, it's a C-54/DC-4 (it has oval windows).
But it's still a Great photo, Thanks for sharing it.
Love;ly shot but yes she is a C-54
Ah yes, I think we became very good friends 1969-70 at Udorn RTAFB, Thailand. "Air America is a U.S. Supplemental Air Carrier under contract to the U.S. Government. Any further questions regarding Air America should be directed to Air America, Washington, DC 20202." Sorry, I just got carried away. I just never forgot the standard reply when people asked questions about Air America in Thailand. Good photo Tom, thanks, brings back lots of memories.
Tom GoedekePhoto Uploader
Thanks to everyone who responded! I got my numbers crossed when I loaded the photos. I saw these planes come into Yokota not infrequently during the two years I worked there. I heard the same responses but with a lot less formality; "If we wanted you to know anything about them we would tell you." Keep your nose out of other people's business and your head down... This message will self destruct in 30 seconds. Thanks Captaindl.
Tom GoedekePhoto Uploader
Now I see what happened...FlightAware only allows C-118 in the aircraft type window. The aircraft is a C-54.
Gary Schenauer
Hey, Howdy, Tom, and Happy New Year to you! (Big wave)
Now HERE is a MONSTER memory jog. I flew on a Scare America C-54 from Yokota to Misawa in 1970, from Misawa to Clark and (two months later) back to Misawa in 1971, and then (at the end of my tour assignment in Japan) back from Misawa to Yokota in 1972. (Well, OK, I'll admit that I'm not exactly 100% positive HOW I got from Misawa to Yokota in '72; after four days of nonstop partying in AP Alley before leaving Misawa, I may have crawled to Yokota, but I AM certain about the three other times I definitely WAS on the CIA's "airline.") Man, I wish I could do it again (I mean, the flying on a C-54 experience again; not the AP Alley part).
Tom, I cannot Thank You enough for posting this click. I've downloaded it as my wallpaper pic and if you have a larger file size of it, I could get a fine quality 8 x 10 print for my album (IF you are OK with me printing it for myself). I'd add your name on the bottom of the print. :-)
Tom GoedekePhoto Uploader
Hey Gary, drop me a note at trgimages@gmail.com
James Kelly
Is that an ex-CAT airplane?
Tom GoedekePhoto Uploader
Maybe. CAT stood for Civil Air Transport. Founded by Claire Chennault (of Flying Tigers fame) in 1946 to support Nationalist China. In 1959 it was reorganized as Air America, which supported covert operations throughout Indochina during the Vietnam War (also known as the "Second Indochina War"), particularly in Laos. For further information see the article on Air America. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Civil_Air_Transport

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