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McDonnell Douglas Jet Trader (ZK-NZE) - Adelaide, South Australia, October 12, 1981.
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McDonnell Douglas Jet Trader (ZK-NZE)


Adelaide, South Australia, October 12, 1981.


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Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
An unusual visitor to Adelaide, this Air New Zealand DC-8 was here for the royal tour when Queen Elizabeth visited Australia and New Zealand. I can’t recall if this aircraft was the only one used for the whole tour to Australasia but it was in Adelaide to take the royal party to New Zealand.
This is a beautiful shot of Air New Zealand's DC8 NZE in Adelaide YPAD. They had lost one of their DC8's when they were absolutely brand new a/c in a training accident at AKL in about 1965. But I'm not sure what was the reg.
Darryl Sarno
Great shot and catch of the Air New Zealand DC8! 5 *'s and more!
Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
Thank you Chris. Quick bit of research - ZK-NZB was the aircraft that crashed, July 4 1966.
Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
Thank you very much Darryl
Thanks Gavin, NZB in the winter of '66.
There is another aspect to this wonderful shot from October of '81 in Adelaide. It must have (sadly) been very close to the end of the DC8 chapter for Air NZ. But it had been barely 2 years since they had lost a DC10 series 30 on Mount Erebus in late '79 and they likely needed to keep the DC8 on for longer than originally planned to maintain their long haul fleet capacity. Either way, I'm glad they did!
mike prendergast
Gavin a Roadie Mate Flew Syd Auk when Divynls Stage tech on their DC8F for a Kiwi Tour.
He Raved about sitting up front and his only job was to look after the stage gear-Guits Drums etc!
Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
Ah, it's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it:)

I wasn't sure, but I thought I had Super-8 footage of this on take off and oh yeah, found it. T'frd to DVD a few years ago with the intention of making it into a properly edited version. Boy does it need colour correction!
Tom Vance
Frick! what a great shot! The other comments are great and I hope you can salvage the 8mm.....do you follow classic Airliners on FB...i think the guys name is Chris,,and he works wonders on old film...
20x stars here just to look.....wow!!
Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
Thanks Tom. I don't know of Classic Airliners but nevertheless, it would be good to be able to fix up those old films. The video program I use has some capabilities, but more with colour correction and steadying jerky action. I've not investigated it fully - time and all those other life hindrances, lol.
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Date Avion Provenance Destination Départ Arrivée Durée
20-01-2022 B789Int'l de Hong Kong ()Auckland () 18h05 HKT 09h35 NZDT (+1) Prévue
19-01-2022 B789Auckland ()Int'l de Hong Kong () 23h55 NZDT 05h50 HKT (+1) Prévue
19-01-2022 B789Int'l de Brisbane ()Auckland () 15h50 AEST 21h35 NZDT Prévue
19-01-2022 B789Auckland ()Int'l de Brisbane () 14h00 NZDT 13h59 AEST En vol
17-01-2022 B789Melbourne ()Auckland () 14h39 AEDT 19h40 NZDT 3:00
17-01-2022 B789Auckland ()Melbourne () 11h09 NZDT 12h37 AEDT 3:27
16-01-2022 B789Int'l de Shanghai-Pudong ()Auckland () 14h34 CST 07h12 NZDT (+1) 11:38
16-01-2022 B789Auckland ()Int'l de Shanghai-Pudong () 00h17 NZDT 06h51 CST 11:33
15-01-2022 B789Faleolo Int'l ()Auckland () 15h43 +14 18h14 NZDT 3:31
15-01-2022 B789Auckland ()Faleolo Int'l () 09h31 NZDT 14h15 +14 3:43
14-01-2022 B789Int'l de Shanghai-Pudong ()Auckland () 14h56 CST 06h45 NZDT (+1) 10:49
13-01-2022 B789Int'l de Christchurch ()Int'l de Shanghai-Pudong () 23h40 NZDT 06h53 CST (+1) 12:12
13-01-2022 B789Auckland ()Int'l de Christchurch () 19h46 NZDT 20h52 NZDT 1:06
13-01-2022 B789Melbourne ()Auckland () 12h30 AEDT 17h30 NZDT 2:59
13-01-2022 B789Auckland ()Melbourne () 09h13 NZDT 10h41 AEDT 3:27
12-01-2022 B789Int'l de Shanghai-Pudong ()Auckland () 14h29 CST 06h22 NZDT (+1) 10:53
11-01-2022 B789Int'l de Christchurch ()Int'l de Shanghai-Pudong () 23h43 NZDT 06h30 CST (+1) 11:46
11-01-2022 B789Auckland ()Int'l de Christchurch () 20h36 NZDT 21h37 NZDT 1:01
11-01-2022 B789Int'l de Nadi ()Auckland () 14h58 +13 18h25 NZDT 3:27
11-01-2022 B789Auckland ()Int'l de Nadi () 10h04 NZDT 13h14 +13 3:09
10-01-2022 B789Int'l Taiwan Taoyuan ()Auckland () 00h24 CST 15h45 NZDT 10:21
09-01-2022 B789Int'l de Christchurch ()Int'l Taiwan Taoyuan () 16h33 NZDT 22h41 CST 11:07
09-01-2022 B789Auckland ()Int'l de Christchurch () 13h06 NZDT 14h07 NZDT 1:00
08-01-2022 B789Int'l de Hong Kong ()Auckland () 18h31 HKT 09h51 NZDT (+1) 10:19
08-01-2022 B789Auckland ()Int'l de Hong Kong () 00h18 NZDT 05h55 HKT 10:36
07-01-2022 B789Sydney ()Auckland () 17h43 AEDT 22h09 NZDT 2:25
06-01-2022 B789Int'l de Shanghai-Pudong ()Auckland () 21h23 CST 13h11 NZDT (+1) 10:48
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