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British Aerospace BAe-146-300 (VH-NJF) - Only flying on weekdays, and not on public holidays, normally 4 overnight  freight services depart Adelaide. This was the second on this evening, Jan 6, 2020.
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British Aerospace BAe-146-300 (VH-NJF)


Only flying on weekdays, and not on public holidays, normally 4 overnight freight services depart Adelaide. This was the second on this evening, Jan 6, 2020.


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Joe Laureano
I remember when United Express flew these for commuter service between FWA and ORD... It was a great plane to fly on.. Comfortable, smooth ride...
Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
I flew on one back in 90s from Perth to Adelaide, lucky to have a back row seat and if the same config as those in the US they were 2+2 instead of 3+3 in the rest of the plane. Those rear row seats were almost armchairs. 146 didn't have the range for non-stop so we refuelled in Kalgoorlie and the refuelling truck was out of action so they rigged up a vehicle fuel hose - imagine how long that took!
Steven Miller
Yep, United Express also flew them from TOl to ORD...early 90's worst flight of my life, landing virtually 0/0 with power settings all over the place and engines shaking on the wings. Never saw the ground until we carrier-landed on it.
Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
Steven, sounds as if more pilot than plane perhaps.
Robert Cowling
Delta (Connection) flew these too. It was pretty cool to actually fly in one, ironically just before they dropped them. *POOF* they were gone.

Smooth flight, not so noisy, funny to see them coming in for landing with that split tail speed break. The first time I saw it, I was kinda freaked out. Interesting...
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Date Avion Provenance Destination Départ Arrivée Durée
20-10-2021 B463Sydney ()Int'l de Gold Coast () 04h44 AEDT 04h59 AEST 1:14
20-10-2021 B463Melbourne ()Sydney () 02h53 AEDT 03h59 AEDT 1:06
20-10-2021 B463Sydney ()Melbourne () 00h36 AEDT 01h52 AEDT 1:15
19-10-2021 B463Int'l de Gold Coast ()Sydney () 20h46 AEST 22h57 AEDT 1:10
19-10-2021 B463Sydney ()Int'l de Gold Coast () 04h56 AEDT 05h08 AEST 1:11
19-10-2021 B463Melbourne ()Sydney () 03h15 AEDT 04h22 AEDT 1:06
19-10-2021 B463Sydney ()Melbourne () 00h47 AEDT 02h03 AEDT 1:15
18-10-2021 B463Int'l de Gold Coast ()Sydney () 21h52 AEST 00h00 AEDT (+1) 1:08
15-10-2021 B463Melbourne ()Int'l de Gold Coast () 02h52 AEDT 04h10 AEST 2:17
15-10-2021 B463Melbourne ()Sydney () 02h52 AEDT Dérouté
15-10-2021 B463Sydney ()Melbourne () 00h43 AEDT 01h48 AEDT 1:04
14-10-2021 B463Int'l de Gold Coast ()Sydney () 21h34 AEST 23h51 AEDT 1:16
14-10-2021 B463Sydney ()Int'l de Gold Coast () 05h03 AEDT 05h23 AEST 1:20
14-10-2021 B463Melbourne ()Sydney () 03h19 AEDT 04h35 AEDT 1:16
14-10-2021 B463Sydney ()Melbourne () 00h46 AEDT 02h00 AEDT 1:13
13-10-2021 B463Int'l de Gold Coast ()Sydney () 21h31 AEST 23h52 AEDT 1:21
13-10-2021 B463Sydney ()Int'l de Gold Coast () 04h58 AEDT 05h09 AEST 1:10
13-10-2021 B463Melbourne ()Sydney () 03h16 AEDT 04h25 AEDT 1:09
13-10-2021 B463Sydney ()Melbourne () 01h11 AEDT 02h19 AEDT 1:07
12-10-2021 B463Int'l de Gold Coast ()Sydney () 22h05 AEST 00h18 AEDT (+1) 1:13
12-10-2021 B463Sydney ()Int'l de Gold Coast () 05h40 AEDT 05h54 AEST 1:14
12-10-2021 B463Melbourne ()Sydney () 03h30 AEDT 04h36 AEDT 1:06
12-10-2021 B463Sydney ()Melbourne () 00h38 AEDT 01h51 AEDT 1:13
11-10-2021 B463Int'l de Gold Coast ()Sydney () 21h55 AEST 00h08 AEDT (+1) 1:13
07-10-2021 B463Sydney ()Int'l de Gold Coast () 05h03 AEDT 05h11 AEST 1:07
07-10-2021 B463Melbourne ()Sydney () 03h23 AEDT 04h29 AEDT 1:05
07-10-2021 B463Sydney ()Melbourne () 00h53 AEDT 02h11 AEDT 1:17
06-10-2021 B463Int'l de Gold Coast ()Sydney () 22h08 AEST 00h23 AEDT (+1) 1:14
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