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Lockheed C-130 Hercules


This is a photoshopped image of a U.S Airforce Lockheed C-130 "Hercules" from 153rd ALG out of Cheyenne, Wyoming departing Detroit Metropolitan Airport on March 26th, 2016. I added the backdrop of the airport to distinugush where it was taking off from. My view of the runway was blocked from the original photo, so thats why I blended the two together!


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Victor Ferreira
Amazing shot!
Steven EalyPhoto Uploader
Thanks Victor!

It was nice to see a military takeoff at KDTW again. The other day a KC-135 refueler took off, but I missed it (cause I was working) ARGH!
Scot Wattawa
HA, please do not take offense to this, but this looks like a photoshopped picture. The shadows of the horizontal stabilizer on the 744 and under the wing of the C-130 seem to not match.
Get Washington! (LIMAO)
Steven EalyPhoto Uploader
Scot is correct. This is photoshopped in. The C-130 really did take off from Detroit Metro, however my angle on the craft really didn't identify that it was at Detroit Metro. In other words it was just a dull blue sky. I added the airport as a backdrop to associate the two together.

Sorry my photoshop skills aren't the greatest lol
Tomer Ariav
Flying over "Delta Force".......
Bill Butler
Sorry about the photoshop. Being that low and all cleaned up I figured it was a Navy pilot in the left set :)
all of the ex picture are very good thank you for sharing them.
Hugh Somsen
Out freeking standing!
jim garrity
Still looks great!

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