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Eurocopter AS-350 AStar (N351SL) - Stratolaunch with its nose wheels off the ground during January 2019 high-speed taxi testing.
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Eurocopter AS-350 AStar (N351SL)


Stratolaunch with its nose wheels off the ground during January 2019 high-speed taxi testing.


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andré belleau
Scaled Composites 351 Stratolaunch
Paul Wisgerhof
Funniest looking helicopter I have ever seen!
This ugly creature is the 21st. Century version of the Pterodactylus of yore. When is she making her maiden flight?.
andré belleau
Paul Wisgerhof.
Don't be surprised with FlightAware's identifications it's often weird.
Bon vol.
There is a video of the test at or near https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xsee1sZv6SA&feature=youtu.be
Stephen Graham
Funny, when I saw the thumbnail on the web page, noticing the obvious odd shape, I assumed this was some aviation design failure from the past. Shows what I know - sheesh.
Lee Richey
RIP Paul Allen.
If that's a copter, then I wanna be a copter pilot now!
sal derosa
Holy cow!! Who was that engineer that thinks this will fly??? Unbelievable!!!
For those who think or believe the "take off" of this aircraft to be eventful... I'm gonna say landing it will be just as "eventful" an affair!!!

I'm sure it will "fly"... the real issue will be getting it back down onto a runway in one piece!
I wonder who will win out in the Elon Musk Space X and the Scaled Composites efforts to put civilians in space.
I'm assuming that Musk’s orbital flights will be the most expensive and most rewarding.
Scaled Composite's heading only 60 miles into our upper atmosphere is noteworthy, but, it isn't orbital space.
Has the N351SL been eclipsed by the Elon Musk organization planning on going into orbital space?
What is the long range plan of Elon Musk’s Scaled Composites with real space flight being provided?
Will Elon Musk fly customers around the moon and back in an effort to prove that we could’ve landed on the moon and can travel outside of the Van Alan Radiation belts without it being fatal.
quite ugly plane. But it's now the biggest plane on earth, or in the air XD, no longer the AN225
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