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USAF, C130H, on short finals to Townsville, RAAF Air Base.


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This is a miitary aircraft, its call sign is NOT NOVEMBER 1674
George Maidens
chalet, full serial number is 74-1674
Geerge Maidens,thankjs; what is the call sign, do they change it on every mission or do they use the same all the time. Thanks.
Frank GollnerPhoto Uploader
Thanks, George for correct serial number and chalet for heads up. I entered 1674, flightaware added the N.
John Kulha
Would it not be "Yankee Juliet"
George, when I flew C-130s in the USAF, our call sign changed with every mission.
John, the YJ on the tail represents the base or organization, not the call sign.
Al Bauer
There are a lot of pictures of the C-130 on FlightAware, but I never get tired of looking at them. Thanks for the great shot.
Dennis Bishop
Military serial numbers show the fiscal year and a sequential number, so 74-1674 was the 1674th aircraft purchased on a 1974 contract. The serial number is issued by the Defense Department.
What is the "wart" on the aft fuselage?
Roy Hunte
Could it be a gun turret?
Roy Hunte
Or a 'chaff' dispenser?
Frank GollnerPhoto Uploader
Thanks Al! I love the C130 as well, amazing to think it is the oldest Military aircraft still in production, cannot beat sound design. The nose cone, when it was finally added, made a huge difference to the aesthetic, the prototype just didn't look right at all.
Love the "herk"!

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