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Ken Carroll
When you bank that steeply, you'll spill your coffee
Karter Hickling
Is that real?
Julien Chartier
Maybe photoshop?
I used to live on a mountain in SC, USA. NC Air Nationl Guard used to fly training missions coming over the mountain and into the valley. I used to see this kind of stuff every month or so from my deck. Never got any pics though..........darn...!!
A day of yanking and banking in a big girl. - Wicked fun!
Jim Quinn
I'm pretty sure that this is a C-130 out of Little Rock AFB doing a low-level just off the cliff at Petit Jean Mountain, above the Arkansas River shown below. It's not uncommon to look down into a valley from Hwy 7 in northwest Arkansas to see s multi-ship formation flying below you, doing some low-level terrain-hugging missions. When I moved to Little Rock in 1983 and saw this for the first time I was thrilled. I don't think I'd ever seen the upper surface of an airplane in level flight while I was standing on the ground prior to that. Cool stuff!
I notice that the aileron on the port wing is still in a raised position banking the aircraft
sam kuminecz
jim Quinn is correct....I was in the USAF and we did HOT training at LRAFB in Jacksonville Arkansas in 2005 and if you go up to Petit Jean Mountain the aircraft doing the final approach are at eye level or below you...surreal
Torsten Schwans
Hi, looks like the View from the Dome Mountain in Goose bay, which was great for Germans two.We visited Goose very often!
Torsten Schwans
Looks like a view from the Dome Mountain in Goose Bay-Labrador.We liked to be there!
Bobby Allison
I'm pretty sure this shot is from Pinnacle Mountain, near Little Rock, Arkansas. Arkansas River is in the background. And this would be one of the C-130H's from Little Rock AFB. Wish there were more details listed on this one.

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