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Boeing 737-800 (N26215) - Sorry, I don
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Boeing 737-800 (N26215)


Sorry, I don't know the aircraft type. If someone could help me, I will put it in. Anyway, Allegheny Commuter craft taxiing at KDCA circa 1966-68


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Gary Schenauer
Skyhawkrg, this is a Nord 262. The reg number of this one is N26215. (The reg numbers of Allegheny's Nords all started with "N262xx.") In the later 60s, Allegheny had purchased Fairchilds and right around the same time, Lake Central Airlines decided to retire their noisy and slow, but dependable, old DC-3s and go with propjets. LCA bought Nord 262s. Unfortunately for LCA, the first variation of Nords had engines that tended to disintegrate. And they did ... more than once. Lake Central was forced to discontinue using their new Nord fleetbirds and shove their noisy and slow, but dependable, old DC-3s back into service while the Nords were reengined. Lake Central, struggling to stay afloat while awaiting the reengined Nords, got their "new" Nords back but it was too late. The entire mess had decimated LCA's $$books and the LCA tent was crashing down. Allegheny bought LCA and, in the process, acquired LCA's Nords. Allegheny flew them but scrapped them as soon as possible. (As an interesting sidenote, the acquisition of Lake Central by Allegheny was the first step in Allegheny's "expansion." Allegheny later pulled off a somewhat hostile purchase of Mohawk Airlines. Mohawk's founder Robert Peach committed suicide because of it, but his estate retained ownership of the Mohawk Airlines name. So many years later, after Allegheny had reorganized as US Air and then US Airways and then rolled out their Allegheny, Piedmont, PSA, and America West heritage liverybirds, many folks wondered why there wasn't / isn't a Mohawk Airlines liverybird. The answer is that US Airways was never able to obtain legal rights to the name "Mohawk Airlines."
skyhawkrgPhoto Uploader
Thanks for the info, Gary
sam kuminecz
Thanks for the history lesson Gary...great shot Skyhawk
skyhawkrgPhoto Uploader
Just some reminiscing; The land area behind the vertical stabilizer is Haines point, where I occasionally took my girlfriend at night to watch the submarine races in the Potomac river<G>, and the largish white structure above the cockpit was part of NAS, Anacostia, which was closed to fixed wing aircraft in 1962 (along with adjacent Bolling AFB) and operations were shifted to nearby Andrews AFB. I'm not sure if the fountain visible is still there or not.
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Date Avion Provenance Destination Départ Arrivée Durée
25-06-2021 B737John-Wayne ()Int'l de Denver () 09h09 PDT 12h07 MDT Prévue
24-06-2021 B737Int'l de Denver ()John-Wayne () 19h39 MDT 20h40 PDT Prévue
24-06-2021 B737Int'l de Cleveland-Hopkins ()Int'l de Denver () 17h25 EDT 18h18 MDT Prévue
24-06-2021 B737Int'l de Denver ()Int'l de Cleveland-Hopkins () 10h20 MDT 14h52 EDT Prévue
24-06-2021 B737Glacier Park Intl ()Int'l de Denver () 06h46 MDT 08h32 MDT Prévue
23-06-2021 B738Int'l de Denver ()Glacier Park Intl () 20h13 MDT 21h54 MDT 1:40
23-06-2021 B738Int'l Austin-Bergstrom ()Int'l de Denver () 17h30 CDT 18h12 MDT 1:41
23-06-2021 B738Int'l de Denver ()Int'l Austin-Bergstrom () 13h36 MDT 16h11 CDT 1:34
23-06-2021 B738John-Wayne ()Int'l de Denver () 09h01 PDT 11h42 MDT 1:40
22-06-2021 B738Int'l de Denver ()John-Wayne () 19h46 MDT 20h38 PDT 1:51
22-06-2021 B738Int'l Austin-Bergstrom ()Int'l de Denver () 17h41 CDT 18h24 MDT 1:42
22-06-2021 B738Int'l de Denver ()Int'l Austin-Bergstrom () 13h40 MDT 16h19 CDT 1:38
22-06-2021 B738John-Wayne ()Int'l de Denver () 09h03 PDT 11h52 MDT 1:48
21-06-2021 B738Int'l de San Francisco ()John-Wayne () 19h44 PDT 20h47 PDT 1:02
21-06-2021 B738Int'l Sky Harbor de Phoenix ()Int'l de San Francisco () 16h22 MST 17h49 PDT 1:27
21-06-2021 B738intercontinental George-Bush de Houston ()Int'l Sky Harbor de Phoenix () 14h39 CDT 14h51 MST 2:11
21-06-2021 B738Int'l Ramón Villeda Morales ()intercontinental George-Bush de Houston () 08h40 CST 12h05 CDT 2:25
21-06-2021 B738Int'l de Los Angeles ()Int'l Ramón Villeda Morales () 00h52 PDT 06h27 CST 4:34
20-06-2021 B738intercontinental George-Bush de Houston ()Int'l de Los Angeles () 19h57 CDT 20h52 PDT 2:54
20-06-2021 B738Int'l Philip S. W. Goldson ()intercontinental George-Bush de Houston () 14h35 CST 18h00 CDT 2:24
20-06-2021 B738intercontinental George-Bush de Houston ()Int'l Philip S. W. Goldson () 12h18 CDT 13h19 CST 2:00
20-06-2021 B738Int'l La Aurora ()intercontinental George-Bush de Houston () 06h37 CST 10h18 CDT 2:40
19-06-2021 B738intercontinental George-Bush de Houston ()Int'l La Aurora () 15h15 CDT 16h33 CST 2:17
19-06-2021 B738Int'l d'Orlando ()intercontinental George-Bush de Houston () 11h50 EDT 12h49 CDT 1:58
19-06-2021 B738Int'l de Cleveland-Hopkins ()Int'l d'Orlando () 08h39 EDT 10h35 EDT 1:55
18-06-2021 B738Int'l Newark Liberty ()Int'l de Cleveland-Hopkins () 19h31 EDT 20h31 EDT 0:59
18-06-2021 B738Int'l McCarran ()Int'l Newark Liberty () 08h24 PDT 15h30 EDT 4:05
17-06-2021 B738Int'l de Denver ()Int'l McCarran () 08h32 MDT 08h59 PDT 1:26
16-06-2021 B738Int'l de Washington-Dulles ()Int'l de Denver () 18h25 EDT 19h33 MDT 3:07
16-06-2021 B738Int'l de Denver ()Int'l de Washington-Dulles () 11h40 MDT 16h39 EDT 2:58
16-06-2021 B738Int'l Louis Armstrong de La Nouvelle-Orléans ()Int'l de Denver () 08h23 CDT 09h43 MDT 2:19
15-06-2021 B738Int'l de Denver ()Int'l Louis Armstrong de La Nouvelle-Orléans () 18h30 MDT 21h36 CDT 2:05
15-06-2021 B738Int'l de Portland ()Int'l de Denver () 13h25 PDT 16h29 MDT 2:03
15-06-2021 B738intercontinental George-Bush de Houston ()Int'l de Portland () 10h12 CDT 12h02 PDT 3:49
14-06-2021 B738Int'l McCarran ()intercontinental George-Bush de Houston () 17h08 PDT 21h46 CDT 2:37
14-06-2021 B738intercontinental George-Bush de Houston ()Int'l McCarran () 14h50 CDT 15h29 PDT 2:38
14-06-2021 B738John-Wayne ()intercontinental George-Bush de Houston () 07h52 PDT 12h37 CDT 2:44
13-06-2021 B738intercontinental George-Bush de Houston ()John-Wayne () 18h42 CDT 19h30 PDT 2:47
13-06-2021 B738Int'l Philip S. W. Goldson ()intercontinental George-Bush de Houston () 13h00 CST 16h08 CDT 2:07
13-06-2021 B738intercontinental George-Bush de Houston ()Int'l Philip S. W. Goldson () 10h57 CDT 11h50 CST 1:52
12-06-2021 B738Int'l Juan Santamaría de San José ()intercontinental George-Bush de Houston () 09h49 CST 13h57 CDT 3:07
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