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Boeing 727-100 — - National Airlines Boeing 727 landing on runway 01 at KDCA. Cira 1968-70
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Boeing 727-100 —


National Airlines Boeing 727 landing on runway 01 at KDCA. Cira 1968-70


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skyhawkrgPhoto Uploader
Sorry about the graininess of the picture - was taken on ASA 400 film with a 200mm tele-photo lens
skyhawkrgPhoto Uploader
OOPS! I had mis-identified this aircraft as Northeast Airlines, but I realized it to actually be National Airlines. Sorry 'bout that. :-(
Gary Schenauer
Geez, I honestly miss seeing the 727s. I know I'm just an old-timer looking back, but every time Lady Luck finds a way to put me in a location where a 727 is located, I am thrilled!
Super "5 star" snap and cap, Skyhawkrg. I was never lucky enough to get a click of a National fleetbird. TYVVM for sharing this shot.
skyhawkrgPhoto Uploader
Thanks Gary;

Most if not all my posts are scans of 35 mm shots, some as much as 50 years ago. Included are two shots of a CV-990 Coronado in 'Modern Air' livery taken at KIAD circa 1965-70. I welcome all to revue my gallery and comment as desired.
sam kuminecz
there was a rare 727-100 here in KBUF a few days ago, N800AK...weststar I believe was the owner, ill get a pic of it up ASAP

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