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Cessna Executive Skyknight (N3452Q)
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Cessna Executive Skyknight (N3452Q)



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One of the most beautiful aircraft ever built.
Bill Gardner
This points out the one thing I don't care for on under wings, They have only one door, and everyone must climb in from the right side.
I think this is a beautiful plane but like I said above, one question though... does the footsteps always hang down like that when flying? I thought they would move up when the door was closed or the landing gear went up also.
does it create any noticeable drag or whistle noise?
Thanx for the nice pic.
A local youtuber flies one of these all the time and does videos from his cockpit, love watching them.
sam kuminecz
Bill, the gear is in the middle of retracting, once it goes up the ladder folds up as well
Sam Johnson
It is truly a wonderful airplane. If I remember correctly the last 2 years Cessna made the 320 they put TSIO 520B's in them. That gave the airplane another 25HP per side. It also had a single engine service ceiling of slightly over 18,000 ft. If I were to have one I would put itercoolers in it. Even though it only boosts to 32 inches 1 or 2 cylinders seem to need replacement at every annual. Today's engine monitors would be good to have, if not a must. My dad had one for about 20 years and put close to 4,000 hours on it. It took quite a bit of work to keep it up to snuff.
Thanks for your comments folks. I've had the pleasure of owning this 67 C320E for almost 18 years. The power, on take-off is always a joy, and the climb to 17 to 19,000 feet a great ride. Cruise altitude for long flights is generally 17.5. The airplane has 6 place oxygen, and I added the wing locker fuel tanks 12 years ago. I also just upgraded radios, audio panel, and Garmin transponder that is ADSB in/out compliant! Total fuel is 180 gallons.

The 'step' retracts into the fuselage after the main gear folds away.

Best 320 in the USA!
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